Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts 12.01.20 – Time flies! We are a third through the month already and only five weeks to go before the first Newark Well Being Show. There are sixty confirmed Community Members standing, and I’m awaiting returns of booking forms for a further eighteen.

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Continual Promotion

Visitors will find many new Community Members are standing at the event, and this includes three new Spiritual Counsellors. We’ll undoubtedly enjoy the presence of at least one-third new Community at the show. What is interesting is the distance people are travelling to be part of the shows. We are gaining a greater outside awareness of our work. This recognition must indicate the organic reach of our promotional work is growing. And as Community awareness increases, so must Visitor knowledge of our work and proves consistency and persistence will reap the rewards.

What Can Be Learned From This?

There will be many who start their business ventures with immense enthusiasm. And six months later they have failed to meet expectations. I know this can be a very disheartening experience. However, if one considers a venture may take up to three years before it takes momentum; then we can see a different perspective. I would guide people beginning their business journey to think long term, not hope for short term gain. There are no more valid words than these: “Many give up just at the moment when the gates of success ar finally opening”.

When the Community Lists are published this month, regular readers will discover we have many returning Members: and by returning members, my comment is focussed on those who have not attended for some time. I’m speculating the reason is people are watching the positive progress being achieved by The Community. The gains being made mean people who worked with The Community in the early years now feel there is plenty to be gained by returning to the Well Being Shows.

Pur Spirit
Pure Spirit – Evolves

The Pure Spirit Shows have attained exceptional interest. The first show is already sixty per cent booked. And all who have booked have expressed interest in the new dates when they are announced. I can confirm a new venue and date will be announced later this month. We are looking to attain a total of four venues during 2020. And these venues will be the home of bi-annual events. The new venues will provide Pure Spirit with a minimum of eight shows in 2021. When we announce the formula to the events, I am sure many people will desire to become part of Pure Spirit. I will email the dates and venues when the contracts are signed.


Recording of the first LizianEvents News Podcast will take place in the third week of January. I’m keeping the guest list secret for the moment as we need to have six pre-recorded and edited before the schedule is announced. Initially, the show will be weekly. In the long term, Ian would like to increase the number to Tuesday and Friday. The half-hour shows are a great way to promote your work and services. Every show has the advantage of being permanently posted on our iTunes platform. And they can be used for self-promotion and advertising on your sites. It is impossible to underestimate this potential of using this asset to your advantage. Community Members DO gain clients from Visitors who listen to the interviews made at the Well Being Shows. Ian and I anticipate this trend will continue the weekly Podcast is launched.

So, if you have something to say or something to promote, send an email with your suggestions for a show. Also, consider a regular monthly presentation. For example, if you are a hypnotist, why not become our specialist in this field? There are ample opportunities for a specialist show: crystals, psychology, massage, aromatherapy, meditation, or spiritual ideas are but six examples of show themes. And we can return to popular articles. Don’t forget you can take part in the shows by mobile phone. We’ll call you, so there is nothing other than about an hour of your time to record the interview.

Promote Your Work Become A Guest

Each show will have Ian as a presenter: however, I will be presenting at least once each month, and of course, we will both be presenting before pre-event podcasts. Again I remind readers and Community Members: if you have a message to give, why not use the LEN Podcast platform?

All that remains is for me to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous week. And to thank you for your continuous support. My message is simple: we see the future as long term, not next year, but the next decade. And we will continue to grow with the Community. You can be assured of our continuous drive to find new ways to promote and interact with every potential new Visitor.

See You Soon
Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. Great start of the year: a lovely, LARGER ,BRAND NEW VENUE @ NEWARK Well Being Event, 15-16 February… with special surprises, a new layout and NEW Exhibitors joining our Lizian​ Community to welcome you, dear Visitors.
    Dates for your diary, ok? 🙂

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