Firstly, many thanks to all who have booked for the Newark Well Being Show -19 -20 September 2020. One more booking and we’ll have 40 firm bookings! From the way the booking pattern looks, I’m sure the show will be fully subscribed. Incidentally, Visitor feedback from the announcement is superb.

Some questions are being asked about the show:

First question: ’Do you think it will go ahead?’ My answer is would we be putting it together if we believed it could not be safely organised: and if the government will allow us to open the doors: and the venue owners consider the facilities and grounds fit for purpose? Of course, we wouldn’t organise the Newark Well Being Show if there were no probability of the doors opening.

The second is not so much as a question; it is an answer to negative comments about staging any show this year. Our Visitor’s and Community hold the answer. All of US will be in full awareness of the situation. Both choose to attend. If government guidelines say ‘Good to Go’ then we will follow the instructions. Remember: our venues are dedicated sites and have many advantages. The certainty is if you do not like the idea: do not attend: we all understand your concerns.

I will also answer the comment about the show being organised because we are greedy, and money is the real motive. Anyone who doubts my reasoning can use the feedback form below and provided their name accompanies the comment we will highlight it and give priority. This suggestion requires a robust and in-depth reply:

So money is the real motive?

Ok, allow me to remind you we refunded every penny of stand fees to all Community Members who had booked with us. Not just for the first Lincoln show but all 2020 bookings. There were a few (three) who choose to leave the money on deposit and if they ask for it to be returned they will have their money on the same day. Notice the word ‘deposit’ there was no way we could roll over the cash to another show: as we could not be sure of the situation in the longterm. Does this suggest we are driven by money?

Incidentally, we have a no return of funds policy, and this pretty much covers all eventualities. The terms and conditions were drawn up by a corporate lawyer and are clear and defined. We are very clear about our floor rules and do not move for anyone. For example, other organisers promoting their shows or touting for trade is a no-no. Failing to stand when booked will also affect the future of an exhibitor booking again. We attempted to help a few people with deferred payments because they were in difficulty in the early years, and this assistance caused us plenty of problems. So the terms and conditions stand. However: In this instance, we choose to return stand fees for the whole of 2020 as Community Members needed the money in a challenging period. Our decision cleared the board and allowed us to look to the future. One of the main reasons for not deferring funds to other shows was this:

Ian and I both agreed that you could not run a show twice!

We cannot run a show twice?

To our mind, it would be no use us saying: ‘We cannot pay you back: but we’ll run another show’. Because the statement does not add-up: If we cannot return the money or even a vast percentage of the capital, then Community Members would ask ‘How can you run another show? If you have already lost the funds on the event? 

If the venue is already paid (and rental lost) and our overheads are paid (advertising – printing and promotion) the money is spent! How could we put on a show of the same standard again if the money had already been spent? How can we roll over already spent money into another show? And if the show is rolled over Community Members must be given the option to stand or not and if they did not wish to stand then we’d have to return their fee. Yes! It is complicated! The only way would be to fund the show out of our own pockets: In truth, the whole idea becomes very messy: so we choose to repay the stand fees and end all speculation and inaccurate gossip.

Yes, we lost a substantial amount of money on overheads. But these are our liability. We book venues, pay for advertisements, run LEN and pay costs in anticipation of building a business. It is the customers (Community Members) choice whether to stand or not: if no-one books then the overheads will still have to be paid. If we make a wrong choice or make a significant business mistake: it is not possible to say to customers: ‘Hey you! We have lost money: pay our bills’ So, to prevent any misunderstanding our choice was to refund fully: and accept the losses and pay from reserves of profits and accept the loss as tax-deductible.

And from our point of view, the second issue when it comes to rolling over funds to the next show is: ‘Could the Community Member be available for the following show?’’ Yes! Many are returning Community Members, but we enjoy great flexibility with bookings, and therefore it seemed untenable to us to force Community Members to attend the next show. From our viewpoint, we could not enforce people to participate in a show they had not contracted to be at: or rollover to another event. After-all many people’s businesses may not survive the lockdown and would not be able to trade. Therefore our choice was to refund all monies paid. Does this suggest we are driven by money?

Anyone who suggests the main reason we are organising 2020 shows is money should think again. We know from experience it takes a minimum of three months to put a show together. We have to move now to give everyone the best advantage of having a great show. And we have worked with the venues during the whole of lockdown to keep informed of the changing situations.

Be crystal clear: our venues are substantial and the management with decades of experience organise events where tens of thousands of people attend. They have the resources and decades of wisdom and knowledge and know-how behind them. Do you think the managers of the venues would risk the public or reputation for a weekend hire of their buildings? Do you think we would run a show AGAINST government guidelines? 

Money minded? Greedy? Selfish Motives?

We do not think offering substantial stand price reductions for the rest of 2020 is centred on greed. After all, this move will cost us many thousands of pounds. We are Community-driven, and this means helping the ‘whole’ Community get back on their feet: and yes, this is to the organisation’s advantage we know returning Community Members results in good shows and excellent Visitor experience.

Many thanks for reading this long article. It clearly defines our position and why we made confident choices in April. We are a Community-driven organisation, and we make tough choices not for the benefit of individuals, but for the prosperity and strength of the whole Community.

See You Soon:

Liz Clark – LizianEvents Ltd

Support for the Show? – Here is the list as of 27 June!

Attending Community Members as 25.06.20:

First Community Members booked (and confirmed) for September’s Well Being Show 19-20 September 2020 – 40 Community Members booked and many new requests for booking forms: The interest in the show is healthy and vibrant. Already we have new Community Members booked to attend: This has to be great news for Visitors.

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