A very concise post today: And I have asked Ian to Allow this post to be published from 09:30 Sunday to 16:00 Monday: The message needs to be read by as many people as possible.

I’m asked about the September Well Being Market: The date is 19 + 20 September at Newark Show Ground. Here the update to the planning so far:

I am awaiting final confirmation from the local authorities this week. We have worked with great care and diligence to put this date together, and there is every faith that we can see the Well Being Market happen.

All Community Members will be contacted as soon as we get the firm answer for the relative authorities: Yes! The format will change: however, we will have every opportunity to promote our work and sell our products and services.

Community Members and Visitors will receive full updates and clear and defined guidelines as to how the Well Being Market will operate. We are fully booked for the market, and this is due to the space allocated to stalls and working areas.

I look forward to sending out the information as soon as we have the final adjustments to the planing and full safety measures involved in putting together a new format which will work for everyone concerned.

You are assured of a transparent and open appraisal of how the Well Being Market will work: And yes! There will be certain restrictions and limitations: however, this is a positive and vital way of reconnecting to your Community Members and Customers.

Many Thanks:

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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