New Month – New day – The first day of the month is a marker for all journal writers. Many will write about their desires for the 30 days ahead. And many will review the previous month and sigh and say ‘I’ll do better this month’ or smile and think ‘Great to achieve so much’.

Why not take today as the beginnings of change?

Take a small notebook and write in the date and four things you would like to attain this month. The four attainments could be:

Spiritual or Creative
Emotional or Feelings
A new lesson or learning
Something financial

You could take a week to focus on each aspect and work to make the desire come to fruition. A weekly focal point can have many beneficial outcomes. And rather than being scatterbrained and without purpose, the mind’s lens becomes into sharp focus.

In thirty days, you could have set the seed of ways to make goals and positive changes attainable. It is fair to write that we’ll be seeing many changes over the coming weeks and anyone who sets achievable targets and begins to accept there is need to overcome fears and insecurities will thrive in the future.

Over the next seven days, we’ll consider how to review each aspect of the attainments. Not from this writers point of view but from your situation. But there will be suggestions! We’ll begin with financial achievement and follow with: learning: emotional: and spiritual. So for those of you who wish to make positive changes during September, why not give the idea a go?

Material Changes:

It is a personal choice to how far you take the idea of making material changes: However, the suggestion is reading a book! The book is ‘The Richest Man In Babylon – By George Classon’ it is a classic read for anyone who struggles with their finances.

Daily accounts:

A group of students were asked if they were in control of their finances. All said that they kept a close eye on everything they spent. They were asked to keep a ‘spending journal’ for a month and not add up the total. At the end of the month, all were asked to estimate their spending on fast food, magazines, and superfluous items. The group were 100 in number, and 72 underestimated their spend by 120 dollars! Only two knew their ‘excess’ figure: both had a zero spend. Interestingly these most frugal spenders were from the wealthiest families. So: why not keep a daily tally of your outgoings?

Save for your next purchase:

Why use credit? Because you want something today: Let’s look at a phone; A new iPhone X 256Gb is 700 pounds, add two years of credit to the equation the phone is 1200+. So why not let someone else pick up the depreciation? Buy a two-year-old iPhone X for 400 and enjoy the saving of 800 pounds. All one has to do is put 10 per week in the phone-saving-box: 10 pounds a week is a burger-and fired for two or a two bottles of wine. And yes! You will be using pay to go: GiffGaff has exceptional monthly tariffs. Well cheaper than most providers. And yes! The initial saving regime is challenging for many, but far less expensive in the long run. You can use this equation for many purchases.

Last thought: Life hours:

I have written about life-hours for over 12 years: it works like this:

If you earn 10 pounds per hour after tax: everything you buy has a life hour value. So you buy a holiday for 1000 pounds this means you’ll have to work for 100 hours to purchase the holiday. If you buy a car for 10000 + interest at 3000 – you’ll be paying 13000 at ten pounds per hour that is 1300 hours of work or 32 weeks of your life spent to by a car! Ok, there is residual value, but you should get the idea. Do not equate anything you buy as monetary units (pounds – dollars – euro) work out how many life hours are used to purchase the product. Incidentally, an average phone contract of 30 per month over three years equates to over 100 life hours: You work two weeks of your life to buy a phone if you buy nine over three decades that’s 900 life hours or 90 ten-hour days or three months of your life!

background balance business commerce

So there we have a few ideas to consider about material security. Anyone who believes they are exempt from material issues is fooling themselves. With an uncertain future: why not consider ways to make life just a little bit easier?

See You Soon

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