Liz Clark’s summary of the Facebook live – ‘Crystal Grids’ – Liz is attaining a great following for the presentations. Thanks for watching 🙂

Facebook Live Notes:

What Is A Crystal Grid? 

What is a crystal grid?  Simply, its an arrangement of crystals into a pattern or design for a set purpose.  Geometrical shapes are often used, symmetrical patterns, simple square or circle, spiral even.  Some ‘sacred geometry’ shapes are often adopted for use with a crystal grid – the triangle / pyramid; Flower of Life design, even the Kabbalist Tree of Life.  

Crystals may be placed on a cloth or table in the desired shape, or you may prefer to use an engraged board or metal plate.  Maybe a printed paper template or one made from printed cloth is to be used.  Its all a matter of choice. 

What Is A Crystal Grid Used For?

A crystal grid may be made for a variety of purposes – depending on what the person wishes to focus upon or achieve.  Some examples are:  Healing; Chakra Balance; Harmonising; Love, Self Love and Esteem; Abundance and Prosperity.  A crystal grid is a method of using crystals and other natural materials (flowers, twigs, petals) to focus the intention of manifesting or achievement of a purpose.  Have a think about what you would like to focus upon, or manifest within your life.  The important aspect is the intent put into the work.  Follow these simple steps: 

– Be clear in your mind the purpose of the grid

– Gather your crystals to be used, these to have been cleansed, charged to your satisfaction prior to use in the grid

– Think about the design, select one mentioned previously or use your intuition and ‘go with the flow’ 

– You may wish to burn incense or a candle during the laying out of the grid.

– Meditate with your grid for a short while, then leave it. 

You may choose to leave the grid set up for a few days, week(s) whatever you feel is appropriate and practical. 

There is no right or wrong way to create a Crystal Grid.  If you work intuitively or follow a pattern, do whatever feels right for you at that moment.  

Grids may be small enough to be placed on a small board, or table or larger to fit in a room or around your house or therapy centre, even garden.  Scale is not important – whatever fits with your surroundings and your intention is the right way. 

There is no set number(s) of crystals for grids – as few as 3 or 4 or your whole collection – the choice is yours.  Follow your instincts, and enjoy the work. 

Different types of grids: 

My favourite: 

Simply an arrangement of quartz, amethyst and citrine points – with different crystals used in the centre – usually citrine or amethyst.

Crystal Grid: Liz Clark: LizianEvents Ltd

Chakra Balancing: 

Ideal for a meditation group, or therapy room.  Here I place a quartz point (a generator) in the centre, and arrange the other chakra crystals around in order.  

Crystal Grid: Liz Clark: LizianEvents Ltd


Another favourite of mine. – Simple symmetrical layout using Selenite, Quartz, Moonstone and Black Obsidian. 

Love, Self Love and Esteem:

Rose Quartz, Quartz Points, Aventurine, Jade, Rhodonite


A very uplifting grid as well as being an attractor of wealth and abundance.  Using Citrine, Quartz points, Bloodstone and Pyrite. 

Enjoy working with your crystals and creating grids.  You are limited only by your imagination. 

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