Putting shows together is a straightforward task. The more exhibitions you organise, the easier the production becomes. You have a bigger and more up to date mailing list, and the Visitor base grows. Community Members build the reputation of the shows, and in the long term, the process is more refined.

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Lady Eastwood Centre

Although the work we have had to put in to make the Well Being Market happen is more significant than anything, we have accomplished. Be clear: if you are attempting to put together any event during 2020, you better be sure of the measures and legal implications. The risk assessment is extensive, and the organiser has to set out defined regulations which will be given to any stand or stallholders. The burden of responsibility is on the organiser to set the parameters NOT the stallholder: and if you are an organiser with any sense, you’ll have the safety assessment and risk assessment thoroughly scrutinised by the local authorities and SAG.

What is SAG?

The SAG – Safety Advisory Group are an essential aspect of any event anywhere in England for and time during 2020 and probably into 2021.

What does SAG do?

Purpose and scope of a SAG SAGs provide a forum for discussing and advising on public safety at an event. They aim to help organisers with the planning and management of an event and to encourage cooperation and coordination between all relevant agencies. Working with the Safety Advisory Group and the local council is an essential aspect of any event anywhere in England during 2020 and probably into 2021. It would be almost insane not to be fully aware of the implications of not work with and to the guidelines made by the relevant authorities. It is near impossible to understand the regulations without the help of these authorities. And help they will! It is impressive how much guidance and clarification can be gained by working with the SAG staff.

Every aspect from Community Member numbers, anticipated Visitor numbers, car parking, travel information is accounted for: indeed the planning is of the same degree as a full showground event!

Even at this stage, I cannot be 100% certain we’ll open the doors to the Well Being Market: But 99% is good enough. So the Well Being Market will run, and it will be different from other events. And I know all Community Members spoken to accept we’ll have to make compromises for the Market to go ahead.


All Community Members who are booked for the Market will receive full details of the health and safety arrangements made and agreed with the relevant agencies. There will be no ‘Children’s Activity Area’. No singing or stage presentations and the promotional talks given by Community Members will have limited audiences and time between the presentations is allocated for cleaning and ensuring the agreed safety measures. Toilets will have a full time cleaning staff. And there will be ample information about the running of the event on posters around the Lady Eastwood Centre.

There is no provision for flyers or leaflets table: no prize draw table: and no guides are allowed to be printed. It is easy to understand why these measures are agreed too: anything which can be touched has the possibility of transfer of bacteria. As already mentioned: ample information will be placed around the Lady Eastwood to keep Visitors informed about the progress of the Well Being Market.

We have an excellent facility for track and trace which fully complies with data protection and will give an instant connection to everyone who attends the Market: The information is deleted 30 days after the end of the event and is not used for marketing purposes. It is only a track and trace facility.

We have modelled Well Being Market on two operating markets in Nottingham. And the fifteen straight years of being a market trader has come into its own over the last four weeks of liaisons. My Market (Nottingham Victoria Centre) has therapist and retail and food outlets. So the blueprint for The Well Being Market is accepted as established. And all involved in the planning of the Well Being Market accept there is a defined separation between a Show or Festival (authority description) and a retail market place. It is assumed that every one of The Community Members will be selling goods, services, counselling or training: based on the genre of wellbeing.

All presentations will be based on Community Members products, services or training. There is a fine line here, but presentations and the presentation rooms are defined in the safety assessment.

On Thursday 3rd of September, the schedule, risk assessment, structure of the health and safety measures were presented by SAG to the local authorities for approval. There is every possibility they have agreed to the standards and have allowed the Market to proceed.

Ian and I can do no more: We have invested tens of hours working with the Newark Show Ground – SAG and local authority to put the Well Being market together. Even one who attends will be at the beginning of something extraordinary and rewarding. Ian and I know every one of you desire to make this new design work: It will keep you in contact with your valuable and loyal Visitors. Yes! There are compromises: but you will all shine and genuinely love the change to help so many people find ways to become a Well Being in these most testing of times.

Liz Clark

MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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