I saw a post on LizianEvents Group yesterday ”We may not be in the same boat. But we are in the same storm”. I liked the sentiment and wondered if it could lead to other ideas.

When ships are in heavy seas, the captain and crew have specific procedures to follow. The saying ‘batten down the hatches’ is real and means secure all doors and openings which can be open to the sea. In an article written last week, Ian suggested we should reject uncertain information. Although, for some people, this takes a great deal of fortitude to ignore something once said or read. I deal with the situation by choosing who I listen to and what I read. And I do read extensively about any subject with interests me: and it is essential to read widely: looking for every opinion.

The more we look to find information, the more balanced the view. One way to review information is to be careful when the words ( written or spoken ) are emotionally driven. It is all too easy to attempt to use emotional sentiments to force a viewpoint. 

I am listening with care to Community Members viewpoints at this time. And there is an overwhelming enthusiasm for us to provide a more significant number of events following the large venue format. We have to be sure the excitement is based on a real desire to attend events which are further from our Nottingham – Lincolnshire base. Therefore, we make clear that initially, new events will be subsidised. In return for subsidised stands, everyone involved should become part of the promotion and Visitor awareness. So far, the enthusiasm for expansion is superb, and we are already in conversations with new venues. And there will be a significant surprise announce in the new year.

Our defining principle is not to waiver from how we organise events. Without compromises, everyone knows where they stand. I’mI’m not prepared to make exceptions. We have to batten down the hatches and resist negative comments. If we are to thrive as we leave the crisis behind us: we have to set the seeds now.

This week we begin to record podcasts with Debbie Ison – Don Harradine – John Richardson. Further guest and regular contributors will be added to the podcast lists, and now we have a new studio ready for video and audio productions. Everything that can be done to increase awareness of the Well Being Brand will be done. I do not see the present situation as fixed. There has to be a positive outcome to the measures being taken, whether from a natural process or scientific intervention our future has to be considered as good.

To batten down the hatches means taking positive action to our long-term prosperity and survival. None of the Community and smallholders is prepared to let our momentum stop. And they will be rewarded for their dedication to the future. Tickets are still being purchased for the 12 + 13 December Well Being Market at The Lincolnshire Showground. Only a few people cannot change the date, and they have all had their money returned. I see this as evidence of the faith people have in the Well Being Brand.

When a vessel is in a storm: not only do the crew batten down the hatches: the ship’s captain also knows how to steer into the waves and ride out the weather. He will put out observers, and his navigator will keep a close eye on position and course. Sometimes a commander will seek secure haven at a near port.

None of us (Community and stallholders ) has shied away from the crisis. We have forged ahead and faced the waves of change and setbacks. And although we have only connected twice this year, LizianEvents News: LizianEvents Group and our other social media streams have joined us every day. Never have we seen such traffic on our media connections: and this is due to the fantastic contributions made by everyone over the last year.

Everyone involved in the Well Being Organisation should be pleased with their achievements. Momentum is continuous, awareness of the Community, Stand holders, are not forgotten; all are still in the hearts and minds of our Visitors. And this is because of the safe havens which are LizianEvents News: LizianEvents Group: LizianEvents dot Com site and our social media streams.

Whenever you read any of the Well Being articles, share them: it only takes a click. Community Members will thank you for your caring. Kirstie Wood: Debbie Ison: Iza Moon: Claudine West: Angela Barker: Brigitte Rix: John Richardson: Peter Wall: Heather Wood: Claire Guichard: Philip and Glynis Underwood are just a few Community members who will appreciate you sharing their work.

Never, and I mean never has there been a more critical time to work to a common purpose. In the years to come, there will be many people who will enjoy and benefit from being associated with the great Community. Do not underestimate the great joy and pleasure Visitors gain from being part of the Well Being organisation.

See you soon.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd


  1. The analogy I would use is that during a storm, or in uncharted waters, the engines need to be kept running and the crew need to be extra vigilant. That is exactly what LEN is doing. Well done.

    To extend the analogy, which safe harbour we should sail for is currently unclear. When restrictions lift, will it be business as usual, with nothing changed? Will there be surge in demand greater then before as people make up for lost time? Or will people’s habits have changed? Will people be looking for events and entertainment ( in the broadest sense) ahead of goods?

    I am delighted to learn of the forward plans for the shows. The challenge for the Community is to ensure that as the shows reopen, that sufficient time is available for everyone to promote them properly and ensure that the maximum number of people know about them, and can plan to attend.

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