This inspired message was given to me in a dream this week and I wanted to share it in case it might help someone else. I have no recollection of the dream itself, just an imprint of these words.

And I also wanted to share with you that there was a deeper meaning behind these simple words and this is, as best as I can to summarise it… what we may do well to remember in life:

A hero always has to face huge challenges in order to ‘become’ the hero

A hero faces moments of desperation and feelings of wanting to give up, but continues on despite these feelings to reach a positive outcome that often benefits not only themselves, but also others.

– Few heroes are really aware of or recognise their true hero status.

– So take a look at your life and circumstances at the moment and the challenges you are faced with. Where are you on your ‘hero’s journey’?

Take a look at your low points and the times when you have dug deep and used all your energy and resources to come through hard times. Trust that you will always have more in reserve than you ever felt possible. Trust that when you rise back up out of the depths you do so not only for yourself, but also for many others, even if you are unaware of whom. And often you rise higher than ever before.

And imagine viewing your journey as an epic adventure, perhaps even on a movie screen, where you are the central character. Root for and support that hero with everything you have and trust that the hero will overcome.

Whatever your hero is to you… BE THAT!! 

You have got what it takes because you are an awesome being!

Detzi Simpson

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