Another week flies by, and every week that passes takes us nearer to the unknown day where we will begin to rebuild our lives. And do not doubt we will see that day. It will be a different moment for all of us: some will move ahead with speed other with caution. But every one of us will wake up one morning and realise life is better, brighter and there is freedom.

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The Wake Up Will Soon Be With Us

If you are cynical about the positivity of the first paragraph, then you have lost all hope. And the focus of attention should be on building confidence. Without confidence in the possibility of significant and beneficial change, you’ll become fixed in a shadow of uncertainty. Hold up your head, see the opportunities around you, and understand humankind is the most resourceful beings. From striking a light with two flint pieces to satellites spinning around the planet, our capacity to develop and evolve has no boundaries.

We are all intelligent and can reason well and with clarity. All intelligent? Yes! Intelligence is the ability to maintain the knowledge and information within the memory. And you will know most difficult situations come to a conclusion and life goes on: we cannot stagnate: nothing stands still. And as history unfolds, we know some people carry on. No matter their past and those who allow the past to be a burden. As many of you know: Ian considers Steve Jobs to be a great mentor: he often recites Jobs’s most insightful saying:

‘You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.’

Steve Jobs

Within Steve’s comment is the magic to realise a positive future is made from past experiences. And he also says ‘you have trust in something’. Whether you trust his gut instinct or karma, we can only reference how the past issues were negotiated. If there is a record of ‘coming through’ difficulties, then you’ll quickly negotiate the new future. Do not become a fatalist. Life changes, we know this. However, the changes we will see will happen faster than usual, so embellish the changes, resist fighting against the inevitable.

For example, when organising events: we already know the floor plan guidelines and health and safety guidelines will be rigorous for the next two years. The two-metre spacing will be a specific aspect of every event. So big purpose-built building will have the advantage. We know what we have to do to make the events work. These examples are part of the foreseeable future. It is accepted: life carries on: and we trust the Community will continue to make the events unforgettable memories for all who visit.

Looking Forward:

I’m particularly looking forward to my Thursday evening Facebook live. I’ll be talking about crystals and anecdotes about the years at the LizianShop and attending events. And I’ll be selling a few crystals along the way. You may be in for a few surprises over the weeks ahead as I may well be inviting guests to talk about crystals or even their specialities. I do not want the ‘lives’ to be another sales pitch. We try to be innovative: so you can expect a lively and enjoyable 90 minutes.

The first Facebook live will be presented this coming Thursday, 4 February. The reality is we have to cover overheads, and therefore we have decided to have a Facebook live every Thursday evening beginning on 4 February.


Do everything you can to keep visible during the coming months. Do not be afraid to embellish the technology available. Send out positive messages and don’t be tempted into protracted arguments or following negative ideas. The way we experience the future is unknown, so why speculate? Remember Steve Jobs’s vision ‘the only way we can navigate the future is by joining the past’s dots. See your history for what it was not what it could have been. What if’s and possibilities are of no use to the future. You’ll have overcome thousands of obstacles during life. Whatever the end, it is unknown, the script of existence is written second to second, not ahead in time.

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Many People Overcome Great Obstacles

Athletes train for the race knowing the competition will be high. They know not everyone can win, but being part of the event, makes the event. It is my choice to participate. I cannot be liked or loved by everyone, nor can you. And we must know it is those we love and who love us who help us see the day to conclusion. Life goes on, and many episodes are beyond our control: accept this truth and take advantage of the fact you are alive and living on the most beautiful planet. Remember the mother earth is not flawed; it is perfect: unlike humankind. Be the best; you can be every day.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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