Today you can read a fascinating introduction written by Karen ‘Kaz’ Kelsall. This is an extract from Kaz’s book ‘Living In Two Worlds’. If you have an interest in any aspect of time-shifts, this book is a great read. Highly recommended.

“One evening, I was walking home from a friend’s house, about a mile or so from where I lived. It was starting to get a little darker but light enough to see. Everything was as it should be, cars were passing on the road and the usual noise of the living could be heard. Then when I crossed the road and arrived at the other side of the road, I noticed that it was silent. I couldn’t hear the traffic as there was none. I couldn’t hear anything and thought that’s funny, I am not deaf. I took a couple of more steps forward and looked over to my right and saw the tree where the car accident had happened a couple of years previously with the young man who bought my mother’s car. The tree was a large, old oak tree but looking at it was a shock as it was so small. I looked over and thought I will go to the bus stop, which is situated near the oak tree, to catch a bus home. 

As I was walking towards the bus stop, I realised that it wasn’t there and in its place was a gaslight lamp stead and a man standing underneath it. He was wearing Edwardian clothing, a dark ¾ coat buttoned up and a top hat just standing still as if he was waiting for someone under the gaslight. I looked at him in disbelief and he was looking at me. He just stood there, and it took me a while to realise that I had stepped back in time as I was in a time slip. The area on one side of the road were houses from the 1930’s but on the side of the road I was on, the path was different. The housing estate was gone, and it was all green grass everywhere, like it was a farm. It was eerily quiet, and I was on my own, thinking, what is going on. Since there was no bus stop and I wasn’t going to walk towards the Edwardian man under the gaslight. I carried on up the path and was bewildered by it all. I then looked ahead, and I saw a figure coming across to my left and as it came closer, I saw that it was a young lad who looked grubby with dirt on him. Blond hair, shirt sleeves were rolled up, his trousers were torn, and they stopped at his knees. He was barefooted and was walking towards me. I was shocked as he was so real looking as I could see his features and his clothes. He walked with such a direction and he knew he had to be somewhere soon. When he walked towards me, he looked straight ahead and in fact he looked through me. He looked like a stable boy, looking like he had worked hard all day, bless him. I froze and slowly walked towards him and he literally walked past me.  I looked at him as he passed by my left side of me, not touching me but looking straight ahead. There was no sound of his feet and no smell of his clothes. When he walked past me, I wanted to turn around and look behind me, but my disbelief got the better of me. I wish to this day I had looked round. By now my heart was pounding and I thought ‘I’m stuck and I need to get back home’.

I walked up to the top of the hill and all of a sudden, life in 1983 came back. I went to a phone box on the brow of the hill. I don’t know why but I think I was questioning my sanity. I rang my mother and said, “talk to me”. She said I sounded alarmed, so I explained what had happened. Since she is clairvoyant herself, she said she believed me. She told me that before the houses were built, it was a farm called Ivy House Farm as she used to get her post with the farm title in her address. That explained a lot, the farm, the stable boy but not the Edwardian man and the gaslight, unless they were from yet another era too. 

I started to walk home again and hoped that this was now finished. All of a sudden it went silent again. The houses had disappeared again on the other side of the road yet on my side of the road there were some modern buildings. I cautiously walked ahead and then a figure was in front of me and I couldn’t make it out until she was quite close. The lady wore a black dress which puffed out from the waist. Her hair was tied back as in a bun and she looked mournful. Her expression was of a strong woman who looked sad and in thought. She looked at me and knew I was there. Her eyes acknowledged me. As we got closer, she looked at me and then went off the path at an angle. As she turned, she turned her head and looked at me, but she didn’t speak. Whilst I was taking this all in, she walked through the brick wall and disappeared from view. I was only a few steps away from her and I looked at the brick wall and there was no entry. She simply went through it. By then I thought I am going home now and not stopping for anything. I ran the 1½ miles to my flat and locked my door. I laugh to myself now about this as spirit cannot be kept out if they wish to contact you. I had no understanding then of what had happened nor of spirit’s ways of communication.

After this, I was made aware of a Clairvoyant/Medium called David Starkey who had an office in the City Centre. One evening I went to see him to get clarity and answers of what has been happening to me. As soon as I walked through the door, he stopped me in my tracks by saying ‘you are a Clairvoyant’. I had not spoken to him yet nor sat down.  I looked at him and he said ‘you have had this gift since you were a child’. I was surprised that he could tell me straight away that the events I had been having were real. 

He was so good at explaining about the senses, clairvoyance – clear seeing, clairaudience – clear hearing, clairsentience – clear feeling, and Claircognizance – clear knowing but I was to learn the other senses, clairgustance – clear tasting, clairalience – clear smelling and Clairtangency – clear touching which is called psychometry and it was something that I came to use some years later. It all made sense to me, no pun intended, as a child with this gift and no explanations. You feel like you are going mad but now I had a better understanding of things. I got on with my life and accepted that spirit was part of my life. I went out and socialised and sometimes I picked up on certain people’s energy. I was not purposely looking into someone’s life, but it came to me and I later learnt that it was their aura I was picking up. I didn’t always listen to my intuition though which is a human fault. I also felt as though I was not alone and being watched over.

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    • Bless you Jane , thank you. I hope it will be read and help others in similar circumstances.

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