Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Jubilee Conference Centre
Triumph Road

7 + 8 March
50 Attending Community Members
50 Free Talks: Workshops: Presenations
Children’s Activity Area

The Nottingham Well Being Show takes place on 7 + 8 March. The show is taking on the wonderful feeling of all The Community’s Well Being Shows. Already Visitors are asking questions about Community attendance and talk schedules.

For this show, we will be increasing the presentations to fifty talks. Visitors value the schedule as an essential aspect of the event. Indeed, the Community have an incredible wealth of wisdom and knowledge. The enlightening presentations range from Alan Wood’s native American talks to Emma Gowshall’s animal communication workshops. And one of many new attractions for Visitors is A labyrinth! Yes! A seven-by-seven metre labyrinth for meditation and mind relaxation. And Richard will have his Gong Bath singing away for sound healing. Of course, the ever-popular Children’s Activity Area will be there for children and parents to enjoy.

We’ll post the talk schedule on 20 February and update to the attending Community list. Visitors can expect a super Well Being Weekend. Expect fifty talks over the weekend and numerous music, yoga and Tai Chi demonstrations.

The Attending Community List Is Impressive, and we are awaiting eleven additions to confirm their stands: This is bound to be an extraordinary event: Bright – Vibrant – Enlightening.

The fifty Attending Community Members:

Alie Rees Ceramics – hand made ceramics: wheel-thrown, hand-decorated and glazed
Aloe Vera Store – forever living products and business opportunities
Angela Barker Tarot – intuitive tarot readings and spiritual guidance
Aura Fusion – aura photographs and reports
Barrie John – psychic clairvoyant consultations
Be Well With Ollie – emotional wellbeing coaching and related products
Blackbird Oak – unique and bold jewellery, each piece lovingly created and wrapped by hand
Brigitte Rix – author of 6 published books of channelled messages
Chakra Vibes – Chakra Dancing and creative meditation
Crystal Carols (The Crystal Workshop) – crystals, carvings, crystal jewellery
Dance of Life Tai Ji – Tai Ji, qi jong classes and demonstrations for all
Delta Direct – demonstration and sale of unique massage products
Earth Tree Healing – spiritual music for meditation and relaxation, composed and played by Claudine West
Elemental Balance – bio-resonance therapy
Ethically Gifted – fair trade and eco-friendly gifts, décor and accessories
Feel Better Fast – past & present spiritual readings, past life regression and hypnosis
Feet First Reflexology – reflexology treatments
Fenix Flames – hand made candles, herbs, wiccan and pagan themed gifts
Gill Moore Spiritual Healer – traditional spiritual healing and hand made comforters
Heather Wood Spiritual Medium – spiritual medium and ribbon reading
Intent Jewellery – designed to focus our intent on a more mindful and conscious way of living
Isagenix – health and wellness products
Iza Moon – musician, poet, storyteller – CDs and handcrafted medicine jewellery
Joylina Living with Soul – psychic clairvoyant, tarot, angel & soul readings
JS Natural Therapies – Jacqueline offers a range of natural therapies in her Nottingham therapy room
Lynzi – psychic medium offering consultations for people and pets (bring your pet photos)
Mel-Jay – silver & gold crystal jewellery, specimen crystal carvings & minerals
Mobile Reflexology – therapy treatments incorporating a mixture of energy-based modalities to balance mind body and soul
Native American Traditions – talks, demonstrations and products from Native American traditions
Nature’s Workshop – creative artwork inspired by nature and the angelic realm
New World Creations – handcrafted sculptures, pendants and meditation tools
North Star Crystals – crystals, wands, pendulums, Atlantianite orgone pyramids
Nottingham Reiki – offering reiki sessions, ear candling and chakra balancing – all with pure intent, from the heart
OilFACTION – essential oils, diffusers for home and car and home fragrance solutions
Purple Church Spiritual Healing – traditional group spiritual healing with John Richardson
Pyramid Lady – pyramid healing, pyramids for meditation and gong baths
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium – medium, reiki master and spiritual counsellor
Sanctuary Reflexology – reflexology, reiki and acupressure massage
Second Chance – Campbell Wallace  – author of ‘second chance’ an inspirational journey through illness and transplant
Sense the Senses – incense, holders, oils and home fragrance solutions
Shirley Ann – psychic, medium and card readings
Soul Sisters – imported fabrics, boxes and incense from India
Starlight Within – spiritual healing with Razhiel
Starman Visions by Keith Bound PhD – empowering people’s lives with astrology
Summer Rose Tarot – ribbon & tarot readings, divination retail items (Sunday)
The Woodland Trust – spreading awareness of the need to protect ancient forests and create new woodlands
Therapy Training Academy – reiki and eft course information & promotion of Marie Curie services
Tranquillity Therapy Centre –
Tropic with Stella – natural skincare range and foot massages (Saturday)
Walk the Labyrinth – with Sarah Line – meditation, healing and inner guidance
Witch’s Heart – handmade witchcraft and hoodoo supplies including ritual candles & tools

The twenty-two Talk Presenters at this show:

Cara Amirah – MalalalaUK Henna Oracle:  Cacao Ceremony and meditation
Christina Warr – Aloe Vera Store: forever living products and business opportunities
Angela Barker – Fenix Flames: candle magic
Barrie John Spiritual Medium: where two worlds meet – mediumship demonstration
Brigitte Rix – author of 6 published books of channelled messages
Carol Wallace – Crystal Carols: crystal grids for your home
Don & Carol Harradine – Dance of Life: Tai Ji – Tai Ji, qi jong demonstrations for all
Claudine West – Earth Tree Healing: spiritual music for meditation
James Greenaway – hypnosis
John Richardson – Feel Better Fast: past life regression & hypnosis
John Richardson – Purple Church: group spiritual healing session
Paula North – Isagenix – discover how Isagenix product range can assist your quest for health and wellness
Iza Moon – musician, poet, storyteller
Jon Sharpe – Native American Traditions: totem animals
Alan Wood – Native American Traditions: life and traditions of the Lakota people
Sharon Dewick – Nature’s Workshop: workshop combining Sharon’s art with angelic connections
Erick Henderson – North Star Crystals
Mel Foot – OilFACTION – change your mood with essential oils
Sarah Line – walk the labyrinth
Richard Hissitt – Sound Therapy – benefits of sound healing and gong baths
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium – my journey so far and messages from loved ones
Chandu Solanki – Sanctuary Reflexology: demonstration of hand reflexology
The Woodland Trust
Richard Pietkiewicz – Therapy Training Academy: EFT
Sarah Line – Walk the Labyrinth: meditation, healing and inner guidance

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