On Friday I talked to Darren Stanton about his views of The Lincolnshire Well Being Show.

‘I think your progress is excellent and last weeks articles, although in-depth were needed to benefit The Community. I could find no-one who criticises your work and methods. In fact Ian I only listened to praise for you and Liz’s work.’

You may find this a self-centered comment. However, it is the seed from which this article will grow. My feeling is Liz and myself are a mirror which reflects the incredible efforts of The Community who make the shows work. They more than work, they are spectacular and the potential is as far as you wish to take the events.

And we see you all as a Community. Do not think we consider you in any other way. There is NO material connection in my mind between you and your endeavours. You see, Liz and I provide the venue for you to work within, we design the assets which attract your Visitors. You pay for the venue, and we organise the infrastructure of the show. You are the show – you are the success. Never doubt we think in any other way. We know and accept there will be cynics – Be sure as the sun rises and sets we envisage you as a Community and are proud and thankful to work with every one of you.

Over the week Liz received many emails of thanks and congratulations. I found myself humbled by the emails received in support of my three assessments of the show. One communication runs into thousands of words, and I’ll address many of the comments made over the coming weeks.

The point is this; The Community is making headways. The Visitors acknowledge the shows are superb. How so? Because the ninety plus people who made The Lincolnshire Well Being Show amazing; are indeed amazing. Visitors now accept the shows are a reflection of the people who make the show, and the result is incredible.

With so many outstanding achievements it is challenging to write which is the most notable. For example, we receive over twenty emails from visitors with the statement ‘I will, or we will see you at Newark – Lincoln – or Trowell’ this is a significant testimony to the success of The Community. Or another repeated phrase ‘the selection of therapies and stalls make the show’ Or ‘I love what you have achieved’. These are the testaments to the work and connections of Community.

Yes, I write with openness: But what is the purpose of my words? I walk the floor of the shows. Talk to the Visitors and Community, and listen to their real thoughts and feelings. The editorials answer the most listened to observations, questions and concerns. All people have inner feelings which we would like to be aired. And this is my task, one of revealing the thoughts of others. Today, I write about the feelings and views of your Visitors who truly love these brilliant shows. Shows which The Community has created.

Remember many of the Visitors I have known for over ten years. As I walk the floor of the show, they stop and offer opinions. When I hear ‘I had a reading which has changed my life’ or ‘I had a massage with Paul yesterday and Chandu today, and they are both brilliant’ I inwardly smile at the idea of having two sessions of therapies to see who is best: and then with a beaming smile the lady comments: ‘It’ll cost a fortune – I love them both!’ What more could we ask? I spend a few moments with stalwart Visitor Ann ‘Oh! Ian these people are just fantastic’, and she means every word. How about ‘Where did you find the American astrologer (Jenni)? She is wonderful Ian, bright, smiling and knowledgeable’. The accolades continue and The Community deserve every word. This is how I know The Community are winners and will continue to grow and thrive.

Liz and my work is to provide a superb environment for The Community to thrive. Consider the venue as a garden, the soil need to be healthy and ready for the cultivation of beautiful flowers of success. We see the garden blossoming into an attractive and captivating place for Visitors to discover ways to become a Well Being.

The Community is becoming firmly rooted and the four seasons of material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual success will help them nurture the future. Make no mistake The Community is growing an enviable reputation. A reputation which influences Visitors. And the ripples of your commitment will bring more people to be in your presence.

There is no doubt. Every one of you is making a positive and long-term impression on your Visitors.

Thank You

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  1. What a fantastic essay. Nobody could doubt the dedication and effort you put into lizianevents. The community spirit ooses through the essay. The community must be a land mark in wellbeing shows and events. Well done everyone involved – Janine

  2. Proud to be a small cog in what is a huge wheel and it will gain momentum, the community spirit is strong and it can only get better. I am very grateful to have such a strong network around me from the owners to all the community members and to you the clients and customers. Thank you to you all. Great article as usual at it echoes the sentiments of the majority.

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