Yesterday’s article evoked immense interest, feedback and support: I’ll allow the comments copied from FaceBook to guide the reader: 

From the Visitors viewpoint the layout worked well, and from conversations, my conclusion is Visitors indicate the show was an incredible success and all Community Members should be proud of their achievements. They did an amazing job and are building an enviable reputation.

It is essential to consider position is not a factor to success. Visitors will walk the whole of the venue. The problem is if ‘exhibitors’’ think they are not getting a fair share of the ‘footfall’ then they look despondent and Visitors see this as non-interest. It is more difficult to succeed with a negative mindset. There were, unfortunately, a few ‘exhibitors’ who chose to take this mindset and I covered them in a previous article. I received complaints from Community Members about some ‘exhibitors’ complaining about a position in various areas of the event: There were concerns about an ‘exhibitor’ who believed the show should have been busier. In fact, the references in all articles are not centred on one individual there were a number of people who criticised, layout and position. And many Community Members have already acknowledged this fact. This is why I have addressed the issue in previous articles.

There is a concept in nature known as ‘the survival of the fittest’ – this is precisely what is happening with the evolution of OUR shows. There will be ‘exhibitors’ who will never see the power of Community. Those who stay with us are bound to prosper from what is being achieved. The momentum is growing, and as mentioned in other posts the target is 1600 visitors for next Junes’ Lincolnshire Show I feel we (as a Community) will easily break this milestone.

We learn by observation and assessment – For example, I have watched businesses fail because the directors chose to make friends with some customers and ignore the majority. This type of restricted view causes immense resentment: and worse an inability to say NO to these friends. From our standpoint, we cannot be forced to reverse decisions already made, and we can voice the opinions of concerned Community Members and overwhelm gossips. I have received much support from my standpoint.

In these posts, I demonstrate an ability to be open-minded and transparent in all that we do. If you ask a question, you will receive not only an answer; you’ll understand our perspective on the solution. We have an understanding of the reasons people chose to criticise OUR work and intention. However, many within The Community see the bigger picture and will gain immensely from the plans ahead. There were members of The Community with concerns and I have replied to their concerns which arose from their observations over the weekend. 

I am aware of peoples issues and opinions of our methods. Over the following days, I will address some further questions which have been forwarded (all good). Some will agree with the answers and others not. The point is: through these editorial articles everyone will know and understand the reasons we make the choices. Growing a Community focussed group is difficult unless there are well-defined boundaries and an understanding of the thinking of decision makers. When Community Members become aware of the whys and hows of the objectives, they can adapt to the situation. I can understand the concern of those who make major inputs to the success of the shows worrying about inaccurate opinions.

My feeling is many people are beginning to realise the immense potential of the shows we are all creating. We share our decisions early, so if there is need to change through a better idea offered by a Community Member, we will adjust. It is possible some will gauge the choices by comparison to other shows. That is fine I understand this, but, to my mind, they stay in a safety zone. Those who speak of spiritual or body or material line of success know full well: Constant evolution and searching for solutions is key to happiness and success: when we stay in a pool the water will stagnate.

The emails of support received for the assessment of the show evidence the preference for clarity and accuracy. Indeed I have received much confirmation and concern about the issues of what was a successful event. I am overwhelmed with the support for The Community aspect of the organisation and it is apparent from the numerous comments taken from FaceBook how many people support the way we build OUR shows. There is incredible interest in this event and if the awareness keeps on rising whoever attends will be part of the evolution of their shows.

We never say ‘Best Show’ ‘Greatest Event’ or make any ‘Claim or Accolade’ – Visitors judge us by results and the experience of visiting a show. The next Lincoln show is in November, and there is already significant interest from Community Members and Visitors for this show. 

The Community can be sure the concept and idea of Community is taking hold and you are making a memorable impression on our Visitors. We are nearing a ‘tipping-point’ where public and Visitor awareness will grow to an unprecedented level. I intend to expand the depth and breadth of the articles on LizianEvents News.

The conclusion is the June Lincolnshire Well Being Show was a superb success: The Community Members were absolutely brilliant in their dedication to the show. I thank all of you for your support of YOUR shows and there is little doubt you will continue to enjoy growing success and recognition.

The Visitors LOVE the show, the format and the idea of the ethos of the shows: This is only possible because of our unified idea of Community. We will always air our replies to the concerns of The Community. After all, they are the shows and they have invested many hours of their time and money in the events:

Well done and many thanks to all of you.

See You Soon

Keep sharing and enjoy the feeling of wellness associated with success

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  1. Another great piece.

    As an exhibitor, I want to be friends with you, I want you to listen to me, but the relationship ultimately is that you are the organiser and I am the exhibitor. That is what I am paying for. I am paying for your expertise, and judgement. I am paying for you to make the right call, not necessarily the call I am making, or the majority are making. This is not a popularity content, the proof is in the shows themselves. If I am right- great. If I am wrong, but you get it right, even better!

  2. I have waited for the third article before making any comment. I am convinced your appraisal is fair and balanced. No doubt there will be people who will disagee or feel they are being unfairly treated. It is clear there were a number of people who did not enjoy the event or the position of the stalls. It is eveident many of the community do agree with your answers to thier concerns. To an extent I agre with Gary in his post. I also feel that you have a real conviction to grow (form) a community. I do not envy your task. As I read the essays in this news group, there is a tread whihc binds people together. You will find many who will join and take the shows to success. I have rarely encountered such a visionary as yourself, and as history proves, innovation can meet with resistance. Janine

  3. I have attended 3 of Lizian Wellbeing Events as an exhibitor so far, and each one has been different. All of my talks have been well-attended. Sometimes people have had a reading; sometimes they buy a piece of artwork; at other times people simply stop to ask questions about what I do. There is no magic formula that I’m aware of. A smile and a warm engaging personality is what I look for when deciding to engage with an exhibitor, regardless of event type, so that’s my aim when I’m exhibiting. What is apparent is that Liz and Ian are working extremely hard to ensure the success of these events for everyone – exhibitors and attendees alike. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and things take time to bear fruit – 2 to 3years minimum to get things off the ground in my experience. There is little doubt in my mind that Lizian Events are making great in-roads already. You will find no complaint from me. I look forward to being part of, and sharing in the SUCCESS of these events, now and in the future 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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