Over the last year, LEN has grown its following. We now achieve 7000+ visitors each month. Well done Community you are making great headways with the objective of Visitor awareness of The Well Being Shows. Regular readers realise LEN has a significant number of editorial articles. The tide is turning, and for the first time, I can publish a list of articles being released in July. I’m not giving specific dates for the articles as new articles will be added to the calendar. 

Let’s keep it simple, here is the list of articles ready to be published during July:

Video interviews:

Dathan Berry of Solrox
Claryn Nicholas

Audio Interviews:

Jane and Paula of Isagenix
Don and Carol Harradine
Norman Ogden
Vic Heyworth

Articles from:

Claire Hegarty
Darren Stanton
Liz Clark
Janine Love

Ten updated and new Community Profiles and four editorials

And an interesting article with Carol Wallace and Liz Clark at the Marie StMines Mineral Show.

And a full and in-depth article about the work of Emma Gowshall.

That’s twenty-six amazing articles for July, and there are sure to be five new submissions from regular contributors. The month is looking good!

See You Soon

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