During the Lincoln Well Being Show, we were blessed by the presence of Grace Bowker of Central Wellness Studio and Don and Carol Harradine who demonstrated Tai Chi and other ancient arts.

I’m pleased to report the November Lincolnshire Well Being Show will see these incredible people return to the event. There is no doubting their popularity amongst Visitors. During conversations, I listened to encouraging feedback from those asked about the demonstrations.

There have been a few questions about other aspects of stage ‘entertainment’. We should separate the Yoga and Ancient Arts aspect from the answer. The fact is these disciplines are ‘silent’ and do not affect the ambience of the venue. With this in mind: we would encourage group meditations, and relaxation classes to this facet of the show, anyone who feels they can contribute to this ‘area’ of the event is most welcome. 

So where do we take ‘entertainment’?

The primary consideration is the volume of sound. Many Community Members require the ambience to be calm and peaceful. We chose to have only one source of music in the event because of the problems with inharmonious sound. This policy has worked well and is accepted as an ‘identity’ of the Well Being Shows. The music is carefully chosen and the volume levels varied throughout the day. 

Sometimes, Community Members have to demonstrate a drum or flute, this is accepted as necessary and part of their trading practice. Indeed ‘drumming’ has a good following; however, we feel, due to the diversity of Community Members the volume is too high to have a set drumming demonstration. It is probable, during 2019 we will organise an area outside Lincoln and Newark venues where drums can be used without affecting the calm ambience of the show.

Don and Carol Harradine
Don and Carol Harradine

No doubting the stage area is an asset and as Grace and Don have proven, one which is popular and attractive to Visitors. Therefore we should find other ways to utilise the area. Consequently, we have decided to make additions to the schedule for both days. It is not my intention to reveal the plans ahead of time, although readers can be sure the ‘additions will complement Grace and Don’s achievements and provide the Visitors with more reasons to visit the shows.

The stage area may well be used for musicians in the future; however, for the present, we’ll keep to demonstrations and subjects where Community/Visitor interaction is prioritised. We are making significant changes to the ‘Well Being – Body’ aspect of the November Lincolnshire Show: and the stage area will be used to its maximum potential over this weekend. We can be sure this will encourage new and returning Visitors to what is becoming recognised as a first-class event. Indeed, all of the events are beginning to find a place in the hearts of all who become part of this evolving Well Being platform for information.

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  1. A balanced piece. I enjoyed the Tai Chi and ribbon dancing.

    As an exhibitor, and visitor, I find regular drumming at shows intrusive. Music is a fine balance between atmosphere, and intrusion.

    Eternal space for noisy demonstrations is a good idea.

    Well planned stage performances could be an asset. They can, rather than be noise intrusive, sometimes generate atmosphere and occasion.

    Holding talks at one end of the ground floor hall so that attendees have to pass stalls may also be advantageous.

    • Thank you, Garry, for your observations and support. Yes, we will use the stage area as an open talk area at Lincoln. We can utilise the space to attract Visitors and this is high on the agenda for 2019. Many thanks – Ian

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