LizianEvents News is now nearly 450 articles of age. Those of you have an idea about search engines and web awareness must know the implication of this figure. Those who search for LizianEvents will undoubtedly hit our pages. Not only this, the Community Members who contribute to this platform will also advantage themselves from those who visit the sites.

The engine room behind this site is becoming fairly complex. If the full potential was used in one ‘big hit’ there would be too much to take in, so little by little LEN grows. It is following a specific design plan, and the rising reading figures are due to the Community input, the articles, and the newspaper design. Patience is one of our most significant assets: Liz and I work through the architecture of LizianEvents with care. We test the site on an unpublished  ‘nursery’ site before bringing new ideas onto the live site.

The latest addition is the ability to ask for opinions using a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ – ‘Poll’. It was used for the first time in yesterdays article about workshops. This poll will be allowed to run for one month, and we’ll abide by the results.

The implication of polls goes further: as Visitors and Community Members will see them as further evidence of our commitment to the community aspect of the shows. Liz and I feel this is a significant step for everyone involved in the organisation. Critical democratic choices made using a poll will quell any ideas of unfairness or bias in the format and running of OUR Well Being Shows.

We can be sure the next eighteen months will achieve incredible traffic to the site. This month see’s the addition of banner adverts on the front page. And we have an extensive list of articles and contributions for July. There will be other channels of communication added to build the connectivity of Community to Visitors, which is LEN’s purpose.

There are drawbacks to the format:

We are aware that some people feel the format of Community is not for them, and this is fine. Although, it is essential to accept the ‘organisation’ does not dictate to the Community Members. Our dedication to making OUR Well Being Shows a superb way of Community connecting to Visitor should not be underestimated. Everything we do is to connect Vistors to Community and The Well Being Shows. And, we are making headways, there is no doubting this achievement. As Darren Stanton commented in his remarkable article ‘I could find no other who follow this format’.

It is now evident the shows are growing in strength and stature. This week Liz received a wonderful testament to the influence of The Community. During the conversation, the Visitor used the words ‘The Community’: this fantastic moment is recognition of OUR identity from a Visitor. Soon we will have a universally recognised status, and once we pass this landmark there is no stopping the growth of OUR shows.

We have a superb month of articles ready for publishing and maybe another ‘Poll’! Good times ahead for The Community, no doubt about it – Well done to every one of you.

See You Soon


  1. I have a busy work, leisure and family schedule, but always read the daily newsletter. Not only are they informative, they also provide a feel for the mood of The Community. Keep up the good work.

    I like the introduction of polls. You have said that you will abide by their outcome. As Sgt Wilson from Dad’s Army memorably said – “Is that wise?”. To borrow from Captain Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, I think that you should use the outcome as a guideline, not a ruling.

    Liz and Ian prosper or fail by making the right decision, the right decision may not be one supported by a majority vote at the time, it may be unpopular, even though it may transpire later to have been correct. There are three polls that count for Lizian, How many stallholders are there? How many visitors are there? How much did the visitors spend?

    It is absolutely right that you should consult via a poll, I do not think that you should be bound by the result.

    The margins on a stall are very different from the margins on the Event, the criteria for success and failure vary accordingly.

    To date, I do not think that you have sufficiently highlighted one of the biggest success stories of Lincoln- the “rest” tables. They were well used, very welcomed by our visitors, and are now an essential feature for future shows. The provision of pencils and paper was good. Questionnaires on the tables would be even better. But I would take it one step further than that. I would have Lizian staff with I pads on station to have electronic questionnaires filled in instantly, the take up would be far greater. Twitter and facebook posts could also be made instantly.

    • Yes, Gary, you are right about the rest tables. The visitor feedback on our idea was superb. The tables are there to stay and they have an important purpose for the future of our shows. The questionnaires are already prepared for the future. For the moment I’m working on connecting Visitors to Community. I feel it is important to establish that we will act upon the polls and questionnaires, as this gives evidence to our commitment to a Community based organisation. I value your comments and replies Gary: as always many thanks for taking time to read and comment on our progress.. Ian

  2. My only observation on this article Ian is the closing part of it when you say “Well done to everyone of you” I would like to return that compliment to you and ask that you and Liz share in the obvious progression, limelight and indeed the kudos. You and Liz have done fantastically well to new breathe life into the Well being/MBS idea arena, all ventures need a structure and management hierarchy and the majority that understand the community ethos will I believe agree on that. thank you from a very proud community member and I for one look forward to helping this vehicle along the new pathways that will inevitably open up. I close in saying thank you to you both for lighting the pathway for those who are willing to follow. Exciting times ahead I feel.

    • Kind words, Rick. I agree with you those who see the potential will great personal benefit from becoming active within the organisation. There is little doubt of the headways we are making, and it is important to realise without The Community the long-term objectives will be slow to come to fruition. We are simmering nicely at the moment, in eighteen months time, we’ll all enjoy the rewards of those involved today! Thanks Rick – See You soon – Ian

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