It seems there are questions over LizianEvents integrity and the “Success and headways made by The Community”. This article is focussed on LizianEvents future and The Community’s future. It is therefore important for new and existing Community Members to be assured of our ethos and integrity. If anyone wishes to counter the validity of this article feel free to do so: However, we are confident that there are many who will vouchsafe for LizianEvents methods and objectives.

Before continuing: take a minute to listen to a testimonial:

Peter Wall is highly respected by many many people in our sphere of work: Peter is known for his honesty and integrity: Listen to his appraisal of the work of The Community:

Peter’s Words:


Note: This article finishes with a special announcement:

We are about to invest an extraordinary amount of time and commitment to the future of The Community’s Well Being Shows. We feel it is important for everyone to have confidence in our choices and decisions. Read on:

LizianEvents Ltd is a company which has two objectives:

The First Objective:

Is to be without debt and trade using an allocation finance system. This system requires all profits are allocated to the future; all bills paid well ahead in time, and no credit facilities are needed. 

To fulfil this obligation (An obligation which affects the future of The Communities shows) we will make sound financial choices, to ensure the security, success and future of The Well Being Shows into which many people are investing their time and material resources. 

All of us are adult and should have a healthy amount of common sense: therefore, the majority accept the choices we make are for the majority of Community Members, not the whims of those who are confined to personal objectives and agenda. This statement infers Community Members understand there will be many changes, evolutions, mistakes and, triumphs.

Over the coming years we will lose many exhibitors, and this is fine and healthy. It is our intent to help Community Members thrive. Liz and I looked through sixteen years of accumulated ‘show – guides’, and we could only find around fifteen names still working on the mbs circuit from the early days. The number of long-forgotten exhibitors runs into hundreds. This is a situation which Liz and myself are very aware of: Therefore, it is essential for us to establish a secure and impressive platform from which Community Members can thrive. We have and will use LizianEvents Ltd resources to help Community Members:

How can we help? When can we help?

For an example:

Recently a Community Members said she was unable to show a profit at our shows, consequently, a decision is made not to work with us again. Unfortunately, she did not talk to us before taking this choice. Therefore, there is little we can do to help. You see, we do assist and have helped many people in The Community.  Although: We cannot help those who do not speak to us about their difficulties or problem. And we draw a firm line which we will not cross it is: Once the problem is revealed to others before asking for help it becomes impossible to offer assistance.

We also deal with complaints – without causing discord:

For an example:

A Community Member complained the 25-pound charge for electricity ‘hook-up’ at the Lincolnshire Show was unfair and should have been paid for by ourselves. The accurate answer is this: The charge is made by the venue and we passed the fee onto Community Members. There were over thirty people who chose to have an electricity supply, we could not absorb this cost. The Community Member also complained a.n.other had mentioned we had not charged them for electricity. I wonder? Did a.n.other ‘hook-up’ to a paid-for electrical connection? Or did they chose to ignore the second invoice or promise to pay? I hope you see the point. There are answers to questions, and once a question is asked, it WILL be answered. For future reference, electricity charges will be passed on and everyone can be assured there will be no doubts about this issue again.

It is suggested we are greedy and not Community Minded:

The inference is:

“That the idea we are community-based and community-driven business is a smokescreen for profit and greed”. 

Allow me to answer this accusation with a fact: 


Liz and I put about ninety hours a week, every week, into The Well Being Shows. And over the last eighteen months, our wages amounts to ZERO. Yes, you have read that figure correctly: I will retype it: ZERO.

Therefore; I offer you the suggestion we are working for the future, to benefit those who choose to be part of this Community Driven organisation. We give our life-hours without question toward the future of The Community and The Well Being Shows. Therefore, it must be our choice how we run the finance and business aspect of The Well Being Shows. 

If anyone believes we are selfish, greedy, money-minded or centred on personal profit, they will do well to think again and think very hard indeed about the reality our ethos, principals and values. We will not risk losing the investment of life hours in this project, money we can easily earn elsewhere, life hours we can NEVER get back, do not doubt the fact and truth of this statement:

Yes: in the future, we will take a wage from LizianEvents Ltd. But will not do so until The Well Being Shows are thriving and have an excellent reputation for the highest degree of moral and principled business practice. You see, we do not have to prove anything, other than work within this constraint. We will do nothing to jeopardise the hard work and investments of Community Members. Greedy? Selfish? This evidence suggests otherwise.

The point is, the business LizianEvents Ltd is profitable and Liz and I are continually reinvesting the profits made by LizianEvents Ltd into the future. The reality is when people attack the work and the choices we make, they damage the hard work and efforts of The Community, not the business “LizianEvents Ltd”. All future Community Members must understand this fact, what is being used here is the most precious of assets – Life hours.

I wrote about the damage of undermining Community efforts in the article – “Walls Come Tumbling Down” – dated: 11 – 05 – 2017 –  I was fully aware of the damage of the ‘underminer’ then and keep a careful eye on similar situations today.

In the article I wrote:

“The difficulty is, people who listen to the UnderMiner, take the risk of becoming a victim of an insipid snare. It will stagnate their mind and set doubts as to the prospects for the show. The effects can be catastrophic, and the victims cannot see the damage caused by the ripples of a negative attitude. They fail to realise the gripe is the cause of gossip and speculation. This result’s in a feeling of apathy, and the show is a failure before it begins. What hope of success has a ‘reader’, retailer or therapist when self-confidence is undermined? Once self-doubt is set’s in, there is no easy way to turn it around and very soon ‘The Wall’s Come Tumbling Down”.


Remember I wrote that article a few weeks before the 11th of May 2017 – over sixteen months ago. Liz and I will always make choices and decsions which benefit The Community every time and without favour. 

In Liz and my mind the future of The Well Being Show has become more than a financial investment. The Shows have within them the investment of Liz and Myself’s Life Hours. We can give no more than our time, resources and expertise to the future of The Community. Yes, we materially supported the early days, there is no long a need to do this, The Community and Their Well Being Events is a prosperous hive.

I’ll go further and express my feelings about working with a Community:

“I would prefer to work and invest my time to work with eighty brilliant and dedicated Community Members than waste my life with a thousand people who do not trust or believe in our truth, vision and objectives”.

We must be clear: We provide an exceptional quality of service and promotion. For example: in the five weeks leading up to the Lincolnshire Well Being Show, Liz and Jon will be out in Lincolnshire twice each week, and they will deliver 20000 leaflet flyers, to hundreds of business and social centres. Our promotion is relentless and 365 days of the year consistent.

The Second Objective

‘The Community and The Future’

The second objective of LizianEvents Ltd: is to organise shows which will provide an increasing and varied number of Community Members who offer Visitors a superb and memorable Well Being Experience. And here we are in the thoughts, beliefs and ethos of those who chose to become part of The Community. We do not ask for exclusivity: Join as Community Members be exhibitors where-ever you can prosper.

We cannot do this without the demonstration of strength, openness and transparency. To all of you who read this article, I ask you to share it and talk about it and question it: I ask you to ask yourselves what you want from OUR Well Being Shows:

☞Do you want to be part of a Community which is well structured and organised?
☞Do you want to be part of a Community which prioritises The Community who are the Majority?
☞Do you want to be part of a Community who work to a common purpose?
☞Do you want to be part of a Community who takes responsibility for their actions and work to a common goal?
☞Do you want to be part of a Community which is becoming recognised as providing a unique, enjoyable and brilliant Well Being Experience for their Visitors?
☞Do you want to be part of a Community which has open-minded values based on honesty and integrity?
☞Do you want to be part of a Community in which you invest your time and resources into the future, and as you do so you will enjoy the success of your endeavours for years to come?
☞Do you want to be part of a Community which enjoys seeing the success of others?
☞Do you want to be part of a Community which sees new ideas and change as beneficial and progressive?
☞Do you want to be part of a Community which is to be recognised as innovators and living examples of how to be happy, content and overcome life’s hurdles?
☞Do you want to be part of a progressive, powerful and influential Community of like-minded people?
☞Do you want to look at the success of the Well Being Shows and say “I am part of this success”?

If these are your wants: Be assured; we continue to establish the foundations for the future and so we make an announcement:

Liz and I spent four days away this week: We entered into dialogue for the future. We are pleased to announce a new event for 2021:

It will be known as:

The Festival of Well Being

The event will be worthy of the name ‘Festival’ – Watch this space for an opportunity for The Community to thrive beyond OUR dreams.

See You Soon


  1. Probably the most important essay you will ever write. it would be impossible to counter or comment your words are not accurate and true. I find it interesting there are few who have commented on waht this essay means to the community. No doubt in my mind you will enjoy great success in the future. ANYONE who aligns themselves with this inovative and influential organisation will also feel the magic wand of success. Mr Wall’s comment is astounding. Good look to your future – You have a ‘Brave Heart’ – Janine

    • Thank you, Janine: You are correct, if anyone wishes to counter the information in this article. Let them do so: Liz and I are working to the future, to the success of The Community. No doubt in my mind the Community will grow and thrive at The Well Being Events. Thank you for your observations – Ian

  2. I think the article is brilliant I value honesty and integrity and I feel I embody the ethos contained within it, I look forward to the evolution and I will work hard alongside other members of the community to ensure its future success. I for one thank you for all the hard work and the effort you put into Lizian events future.
    Proud to be a community member- bright blessings to you both, Rick.

  3. Over the years we have often talked long and hard about The Circuit The Good, The Bad and the down right Ugly. My dear friends I admire you both for the opportunities you have created for others and I loved the soupxxx

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