Barrie John’s ‘Pure Spirit’ Shows – The new shows have sparked a great deal of interest. And already people have booked onto the shows. And they will be acknowledged as being the founding members of these wonderful spiritual events.

Barrie’s intention if for the shows to appeal to Visitors who enjoy and love all aspects of spiritual work. The focus is Pure Spirit: this means attendees and visitors should be clear the intention is to be part of a show dedicated to readers, mediumistic demonstrations, spiritual healing and every aspect of the subject.

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It is early days, but be sure the first shows are tasters and introducing visitors to a dedicated spiritual experience. As the weeks go by, you’ll read about Barrie’s ideas for a full-on spiritual experience. The connection will not just stop at the shows: Visitors can take part in Pure Spirit demonstrations, Pure Spirit online courses and Pure Spirit webinars.

And in the long term: Mediums and Psychics will be able to provide readings to visitors online. Healers will also enjoy the connections made during the Pure Spirit shows. The infrastructure is already in place, and Barrie has chosen The LizianEvents Organisation to look after the running of the Pure Spirit enterprise.

“My choice is to work with visitors and Pure Spirit exhibitors. It would be impossible for one person to organise my vision. By listening to the needs of mbs visitors over the last few years, I have identified the need for a dedicated Pure Spirit enterprise”

Barrie John:

The full implications of this venture will become apparent over the next few weeks. We now realise there is a keen interest in Pure Spirit. Barrie desire is to establish a real feeling of intimacy and closeness between visitors and community (Barrie love the word community too!) during The Pure Spirit Shows. He is insistent on bringing new people to the shows and giving them chances and opportunity to shine.

Barrie John’s well established following is sure to enjoy the Pure Spirit concept. The whole idea is to go further than the shows. Workshops and online courses will connect the shows. He will be bringing new people to the events and in his words “We will be bringing something very special to the spiritual community:

Great oaks from little acorns! No doubt we are entering a new era of Spiritual Awareness with Barrie John’s Pure Spirits Shows.

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Barrie John


  1. I like Barrie, and wish this project success. Just as Tesco’s grew bigger, but added small Tesco Expresses to reach customers and areas that their big stores could not, so Lizian is growing, but shrewdly ensuring that they do not leave behind the smaller, niche market. Smart move.

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