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I enjoy making videos and promoting The Well Being Shows. This week we visited The Lincolnshire Show Ground and Newstead Abbey. The finished videos will contain three minutes of information for both the Community and Visitors.

LizianEvents Promotion
Jon + Liz Epic Centre.

The announcement of Barrie John’s ‘Pure Spirit’ Events has received a great response. And of course, there is a question mark over why! Yes! The shows are small and one-day events. But don’t let this fool you: this is the acorn which will grow into the oak.

Jon and Liz: LizianEvents
Jon and Liz:

Barrie asked us to promote and organise the ‘Pure Spirit’ shows because he says: “I have every confidence in your abilities as organisers. From years of experience I doubt if there is anything which comes close to your dedication and ability” – We have a feeling they will turn into a great new style of presentation. Full details of the long term plans will be released soon. And there is no doubting the new format and the way the shows are connected will be loved by all who enjoy all aspects of spirituality.

The booking for the Well Being Shows is continuing to grow in momentum. No doubting we’ll enjoy a super Lincolnshire Well Being Show. With plenty of interest from new people wishing to become Community Members, there is every reason for Visitors numbers to grow: Because the greater the spectrum of Community gives Visitors a greater reason to come to The Well Being Show. As always, I have the difficult task of stall allocation balance, this is key to the success of the Well Being Shows: but rest assured the floor plan is looking fantastic. Visitors are sure to enjoy a magical show at the end of July.

Barrie and Liz: Newstead Abbey:

Many thanks to Isa Moon for her fantastic review earlier this week:

“I have nothing but gratitude and love for the organisers of these events… Liz and Ian…and the growing community. As an exhibitor, I find their approach relaxed and welcoming yet highly organised, professional and efficient. Wonderful promotion and a genuine desire to serve the greater good of ALL. At the events, it is always a wonderful atmosphere, and there is always something new to look forward to. I feel like part of the family and that is a real joy”

When I read reviews like this it makes our work worthwhile: Thank you Isa 🙂

Newstead Abbey: LizianEvents
Newstead Abbey – 31 August – 1st September

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Liz Clark MD LizianEvents

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