What a week! As you know, we never consider our work as hard or complicated. When considering this statement, it is worth remembering two factors: One – When we love our vocation, it cannot be a toil: Two – Work between shows is administrative, technical or negotiation. There is no hard work involved. Indeed, we do no more or less than anyone else who holds a full-time job. So, the last seven days have been amazing.

Pure Spirit:

We are enjoying a continuous stream of bookings for all shows. Interest is especially keen for the Pure Spirit Shows. And the Derek Acorah Award is gaining momentum and nominations. We have already welcomed new Community Members to Pure Spirit.

Look out for Pure Spirit updates during the next two weeks. Readers will be surprised how healthy the show list has become. Of course, we must acknowledge Barrie’s influence and connections for the connections being made: the show will be a perfect balance of new and fresh and established Community Members making this an important event.

Barrie John and Liz Clark: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Barrie and Myself – After a Pure Spirit Meeting

Promo Videos:

Our two promotional videos have enjoyed exceptional response and feedback. The one-minute and forty-second talk presenter showreel enjoyed nearly seventy shares on the first day, and organic reach amounts to thousands! I’m completing the talks schedule the weekend and all updates will be published on Monday. Watch out for mail-outs for details of attending Community list and talk schedule.

Look out for new videos this week: a short Community and a full showreel. The pair will work as promotional media for Community Members and Visitors who share show and event information.

I’m aware that many people would like to know the dates and whereabouts of the new Pure Spirit venue. An announcement may be made later this month. Our preference is to book venues for at least three years ahead and hold the same dates. I’m awaiting confirmation on one date: once agreed we’ll announce the weekends.

Talk Presenters – Promotion Video


A real winner: We now have fifty-six different recordings on iTunes. Analytic’s guide us to the listening figures averaging fifty-one each day worldwide. The UK accounts for eighty per cent of the audience. We expect growth in this area as more people subscribe to the page. We are aware the latest podcasts are centred on ‘show’ information: and sustained growth must come from knowledge and Community opinion. If you have a message: why not use this beneficial facility?

Podcasts: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Click The Image to Go to LizianEvents iTunes

Newark Well Being Show:

Looking more than okay. I’ve limited the number of Community Members of each genre at the show – We see this as essential to the health of the event considering this is the first time at The Lady Eastwood Centre. I’m sure the balance of an immense talk schedule and the rich and varied Community will attract continuing support from Visitors: both new and loyal. Visitors are in for a real Well Being experience the Community will produce an outstanding atmosphere over the weekend.

The Lady Eastwood Centre – venue of the 15 + 16 February – Well Being Show


Statistics for LizianEvents News are running an average of three-hundred-fifty visitors each day! And we have some wonderful peaks! (see picture). And people are delving deep into the archives. Particular interest is in alternative therapies and Community Profiles. In fairness, my choice is not to list the hierarchy of searches. However, this year we will be combining audio (podcast) interviews with Community Profiles. Podcasts have significant implications for promotional purposes: with visitors arriving at LEN’s from internet searches. I invite you to search LizianEvents News and see the impressive list of information: page after page of Google, Yahoo, Ask listings. We are beginning to attain something near our internet media objectives. Although there is a long way to go before the seeds of connection reach our internet goals.

One Day Stats - LEN: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Yes! 1200 Views in a Day!

And that is the round-up of this weeks work. Plenty is happening and much more to achieve this year. By sending out a steady and consistent flow of information to Community and Visitors, we’ll gain greater awareness of our organisation and the shows and events. A long way to go, but the journey is lovely.

Thanks to everyone involved in making the events so unique and memorable.

See You Soon
Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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