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I’m a bit late writing today’s thoughts, having spent the last few hours working through the Lincolnshire Well-Being Show’s lists and adjusting the talk schedule. It is a superb-looking event and will encourage many visitors, I have no doubt.

I’m taking this opportunity to thank the many supporters who will help me set up on Friday. Norma and Richard Hissett, Rick Paul, Rob and Cathy Clark will be at the Epic Centre to begin the set-up mission. Later in the day, Kirsty and others will join in with the final details, and the show will be ready to roll. Friday is over in a flash!

I love the first-hour feeling on Saturday morning, knowing all our work is over and The Community possesses the floor and talk rooms. People will be travelling countrywide for this event. And it is only a short time before the Yoga Studio is nearly fully booked, and the talk rooms are beginning to tell their stories, messages and wisdom.

The Saturday event flies by, and after a meal, we retire early to prepare for the following day. Before lights are turned out, Ian will write a short synopsis of the day’s events. It will not seem five minutes before the alarm pings at 06:30.

There will be no Sunday Thoughts, of course. But you will meet me on Facebook throughout the day. We have chosen to keep the social media streams full of information throughout the weekend. So, here is the focus of this week’s jottings. If Ian asks for a short interview, will you record a few words? Whatever is recorded will help your 2024! 

As many have noticed, we are increasing our social media coverage. And The Well Being News is again becoming more active. Every video and Vox-Pop we record will be listened to by potential visitors and exhibitors. We are already making a great return to strength after the lockdown setbacks show organisers of every genre have suffered. Consistency, fairness and compliance with our ethos have paid immense dividends. One look at the attendee list for The Lincolnshire Well-Being Show demonstrates the extent of our recovery. Please help us to help you increase your visibility and success.

4 + 5 November 2023
The Lincolnshire Well-Being Show

Mind Body and Soul Experience
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

Event Page Here

Yes, there is only one Newcastle Well-Being Show in 2024. There was only one three-day date available. One certainty is that the show will have excellent attendance; visitors and the community already show immense interest in the date and event. The date for your calendar is 6 + 7 April 2024.

Newcastle Well Being Show
6 + 7 April 2024
Newcastle Racecourse
High Gosforth Park
Newcastle upon Tyne

Remember, our last event this year is held in the Cedric Ford Pavilion at Newark Show Ground. The Pure Spirit Event is an authentic traditional Mind Body and Spirit Show.  We have a few spaces left, and as you know, the price structure for tables is excellent. With low table costs and plenty of interest in the show, there is every reason to consider this a real ‘end of year’ bonus. Barry and I have decided not to run the Derek Acorah Award for a second time this year. It does not make sense to have two ‘2023’ awards! The date for this event is November 25 + 26.

Pure Spirit Mind Body Spirit Show
25 + 26 November
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground


See You Next Weekend
Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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