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It’s heartening to see that the Lincolnshire Well-Being Show is only nine confirmations away from reaching 100 attendees, and with three weeks to go, we can expect a record-breaking turnout. The figures always build during the two weeks before any event. And do not be put off thinking you’ll be too late to book. Lincolnshire Show Ground’s Epic Centre is a very large and spacious building easily able to accommodate 120 exhibitors.

As everyone who stands with LizianEvents knows, we love space and grace. All our venues have ample measures of both! It is of course, one of the reasons people underestimate the footfall figures. And while I write about footfall numbers, I am asked why we no longer publish them. The answer is simple – very few accept the statistics. I can confirm that the number of people through the doors is growing, as are the pre-booked ticket numbers.

Lincolnshire Talks:

If you wish to present a talk at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show and have not already expressed an interest, time is running out. I will be putting together the schedule this week. It is an extensive listing and one loved by visitors. 

While writing about talks, Ian has insisted on a new talk protocol. If a talk is not fulfilled, the presenter cannot present at other shows. We have been let down on numerous occasions, and while we can sometimes understand unexpected happens, there are visitors who arrive at a show expecting to watch a presentation and are disappointed when their expectations are broken. This is a difficult call, but many will understand the reasoning.

Payment for talks:

We sometimes receive inquiries about payment for talks. However, we do not offer payment to speakers as it is not included in our event budget. Despite this, there are some individuals who believe that presenting a talk somehow compromises their table fees. They are often not open to the idea of sharing well-thought-out and rehearsed knowledge for 30-40 minutes with a captive audience can generate leads and profit. A talk can be incredibly beneficial for those selling goods, services, or training, as it allows 50+ people to learn more about what they offer and connect with them on a deeper level. In fact, Ian used to pay for his table using the profits made from selling CDs and books after his presentations at BSSK and other shows. Therefore, we encourage everyone to consider the long-term benefits of presenting a talk, as it can truly make a difference in building connections with potential clients and customers.

New Presenter?

If you need advice or help with a presentation, have a talk with Ian. He’ll provide you with excellent advice on how to go from apprehension to happiness. There is nothing more rewarding than listening to a super applause after a well-presented hour. There’s a great feeling of accomplishment and long-term benefits from making the choice to talk about oneself, ideas, products and courses. 

Date clashes:

As some of you have seen, there are date clashes with next year’s Newcastle Well Being Show. We have no option but to accept the booking with the racecourse, as they could only offer one three-day date for 2024. It is a good date for us and Newcastle. 6 + 7 of April 2024 fits in well with our calendar. I know there are some who will prefer not to travel the distance. We understand the situation is difficult, but the choice must be with the people of Newcastle. This is a growing event and one which needs the same nurturing as did Stafford. It will establish itself and will become a superb Well-Being Show.

So that’s it for today.
See You Soon

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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