Hello everyone.

I have enjoyed an excellent week working with the 2024 Well Being Show dates. It’s a simple eight-event calendar, and most align with the present year’s sequence. You’ll notice that the Newcastle dates have yet to be announced as we await options from the course’s management.

All this year’s remaining dates have excellent booking numbers. Expect full houses at all remaining shows. I am excited about Staffordshire as we have more preshow bookings than previous events, indicating good traction from our promotions. Some of you will remember that I dismissed the rumours of the closure of the brand in a video recorded at Lincoln. The calendar indeed puts paid to whoever started the rumour. As I commented, why would we cease trading a profitable and rock-solid business? I am surprised people thought there was a possibility of closure occurring.

The long-term future is simple. We will stay with the four venues, Lincoln, Stafford, Newark and Newcastle, and keep as close as possible to the yearly calendar dates. The policy encourages as many new people to the Well Being Shows as possible. The focus is on Well Being and the aspects of holistic health. Visitors enjoy the balance of readers, retail, and therapies, it has taken some years to arrive at the best formula, but The Well Being Brand has matured into a superb event for all involved.

Community Members are a very open-minded group. And it is accurate to write that we all work holistically and mutually beneficially. All Visitors acknowledge this aspect, and it is a good reason for us to see a healthy future ahead.

I’m enjoying a lovely weekend in Yorkshire and sit looking across the fields where the beautiful market town of Richmond is in the distance. The weekend has been very wet and windy, but this takes nothing away from the inherent beauty of relaxation. And this makes me think there are lessons to be learned even in the darkest and most difficult times. By looking at a situation from a different perspective, we can see the benefits of the storm.

See You Soon

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd


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