I’ve been listening to our customers this week. Their concerns made me think about how people are beginning to realise the longterm implications of this crisis. A common word heard is ‘Hope’. The word can be interpreted as one of great potential or despondency. And when listening to people use the word within sentences of misery, there must be a reason for concern.

My feeling is we can see hope in the fact people are following the advice of the establishment in the hope that we will become a free society in the future. But there is a need to accept people will not continue to follow the rules forever. For hope to have a purpose, there has to be a probability the sacrifices being made will have a right and positive outcome.

sad isolated young woman looking away through fence with hope

There is Freedom Ahead

Blind faith has a sell-by date. If there is no positive outcomes seem from following a method, then, sooner or later, despondency will overtake all thoughts, and all hope is lost. We are beginning to listen to messages of false hopes: for many, the cycles of hope followed by disappointment is damaging and causing unhappiness and mental issues.

Those of us who attempt to live a progressive and hopeful life can survive if the information given to us is fair and reasonable. Many of us would be far happier with clarity and truth than dubious promises and claims. We listen to and read conflicting information and have become lost in the conflicting messages. And it is this rise of hope, followed by many let downs which are breaking the will and undermining confidence. Many people are beginning to doubt the possibility of becoming free of the imposed restrictions.

Many of us cannot reconcile the immense injustices of society. We read and listen to rhetoric which we know will never see the light of day. If you have lived fifty years or more, you’ll know how many times politicians have made promises and broken them days after they were made. No wonder, society is uncertain, and humanity confused and in truth uncomfortable with the future.

group of people protesting against police brutality

People Will Fight Against Injustice

My advice is to seek deep inner strength and realise humankind has immense resources available. Kindness and love are words of survival. Please do not allow the outside influences of which we have no control to break one’s will and confidence. To my mind, anyone who chooses to focus on making the right and informed choices which do not oppose personal well being: will fare better than those who seek the worst possible outcomes.

A further concern is media and government are attempting to use the success of others to provide hope: We see articles about who should and should not receive new years honours. What relevance is this in the present climate? How can multi-millionaire tax exile’s have any relevance to ordinary people like myself? Especially in this most difficult part of world history?

My feeling is, people have little interest in accolades for a country’s few successful and multi-millionaire celebrities. I’m no longer sure celebrating the success of a sportsperson, celebrity, or public figure has any relevance to ordinary people’s lives. Let’s be clear: the millions earned for driving a car, kicking a ball or swinging a golf club is more than enough recognition for the celebrity: We, in a real-world, see businesses closing, people are going bankrupt, millions I’m debt and afraid to even think about the future and society is in danger of collapse. The wealth and success of celebrities have no relevance or reference point any longer. We are fighting for our very survival and the freedom of a nation. A whole nation, not just individual facets. I am beginning to listen to people who resent the wealth of celebrity and public figures: this is NOT a healthy situation and something which can easily become out of hand. A quick glance back in history demonstrates what happens when the rich turn the poor into slaves.

It seems to me, those who serve us do not realise a vast majority of people do not ask for very much. Our hope is for a safe and secure life in which we feel free. Of course, there will be people who’ll dismiss my opinion. However, I’d suggest they should reflect carefully on the idea millions of people live a life of struggle and insecurity, dotted with times of happiness and achievement. Millions of people cannot comprehend a life without debt or loans, and they have no interest in celebrity accolades and civic celebrations. They crave to be happy and secure, and the billions wasted by officials make no sense. And do not believe there will be cause for celebration when this crisis comes to an end, there will be a wasteland of debt and broken people to help and support.

Those of us who endure life and have to negotiate hurdles of money, work and family can do so if there is hope our endeavours will bear fruit. So long as we have a hope our efforts are making progress, then we will endure the setbacks and hurdles. And here we have the issue, or reason for these words. My feeling is many people are beginning to lose a vision of the future. Many are listening to friends and family’s fears and unsupported ideas of death and ruination of society. And the effect is becoming a catastrophic mindset. Therefore they are losing hope, hope for their future: and, in fairness, there is a good reason.

A customer spent an hour and not an inconsiderable sum of money buying presents this week. She told me the sum was a little more than she’d normally spend, but she wanted to give a little hope to her friends. You see, every gift has a meaning, and she was going to write a note with every crystal which told of her definition of the crystal’s attributes. Everyone who receives one of her gifts will get a token of love and hope. And this is an example of positive and progressive actions which will help our friends.

pink and white stones

Pink of Love and Kindness

Anyone who changes their mindset to one of optimism and future: and who supports people will gain great inner-wellbeing. And by refusing to seek inconsistent or horrific information, they will improve their mindset. By becoming dedicated to instilling hope rather than doom, you’ll become a supporter of many people. And the idea is contagious!  

Humankind has endured many plagues, wars and natural disasters. There is no underestimating this crisis, and do not think I do not acknowledge the most horrific loss of life. As the week’s progress, we must see positive change. My feeling is there is every reason to be optimistic about the future. My choice is now to look to the future, and instil hope and optimism with my words and acts. I am no longer prepared to return to or recycle the immense conflicting information discovered on the social and national media.

Think carefully about how your words will influence those who are confused and lost. And remember, most of us are ordinary people, living everyday lives. No doubting, we are experiencing the most difficult of situations: Testing times? Of course, but we have to seek hope and accept humankind is resilient. However you act, whatever you say, will affect someone, exposed thoughts make or break friendships. How you act today will be remembered for many years ahead.

Have hope in your heart and project optimism in your actions: become a supporter of the happy future.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd 

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