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A week soon passes, and Christmas will be upon us and over in the blink of an eye. No running away from the passing of time. And as we become older, we need to make each day count. Only five minutes ago, we were teenagers, and in an instant, decades have passed. Why do I begin the Sunday Thoughts with almost depressing words?

Well, I look at the businesses we run and see the progress made. Hard times are few and successes many. However, I think we will have to make some changes to LEN. Ian and I have considered the changes to the daily format. Possibly only updating once each week and focussing on community information was an original option.

We knew the final choice would not be taken lightly. However, the site is time-consuming and although we ask for submissions and community information, few are forthcoming. I understand the reasons, but without two-way interaction, it is almost impossible to write up 365 articles a year!

I also find writing the Sunday Thoughts sometimes tricky. My day begins at six and often finishes at six thirty. And I’m in the same situation as Ian, finding subjects to write about elusive.

Daily I listen to peoples challenging situations. And there are great lessons to be learned. But how can I write about personal issues spoken to in confidence? I cannot. And there is only so much that I can write about the progress of the events.

I feel the time is right to make this difficult choice. Sunday Thoughts will end this month as will the daily posts. We will of course update show pages and there will be occasional new articles. The 2300 article archive will stay in place.

The archive is a fantastic achievement. 2300 articles represent nearly seven years of continuous publishing. Incidentally, there are over two million words on the site the equivalent of 20 paperbacks. No mean feat.

So, the posts come to an end and we can be rightly proud of this fantastic attainment. I thank all who have made LizianEvents News an incredible success.

Many thanks



  1. Sad news for me personally, I have loved being part of this site and the written articles. if it wasn’t for this site and both of your efforts i wouldn’t have had my book graceful thoughts published. Your constant encouragement in my writing endeavours has been key to the progress I have made and I am very grateful. I will still look at submitting articles and sharing the ones that come out. Thank you to you both for all of your efforts, i would say enjoy the rest but knowing you two there won’t be much of that. Love and light from Rick.

  2. I’m sorry to read this, Sunday thoughts has been a regular read for me 😢
    You do have to do what it best for you though x

  3. Both of you have done fabulous work in first creating, then sustaining LEN. I have not missed an entry. Thank you for your efforts. Bringing something to a close does not preclude future efforts. I have always tried to comment where possible to provide some dynamism and will gladly support your future efforts

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