I’m addressing issues listened to during the show in a clear and well-defined way: I do not hide in silence, transparency is a core value to our future. And frankly, the efforts and determination of many Community Members can be damaged by inaccurate and bias opinions of others: I will not allow the progress made by The Community to be damaged by those who do not understand the objectives of Our Well Being Shows. This article is long and centred on areas which are causing discord.

From the experience of working at events over the years; I know Chinese Whispers are damaging and cause distress. Some will consider the way I deal with this type of situation in one of two ways: either winging or harsh. However, in a conversation with a well-known organiser, I was surprised to be told ‘I’m envious of the way you write about the difficulties as well as the highlights of your venture’. We all operate in different ways, and our choice is to be Community based. I am dedicated to the success of The Community and work in their interest.

During the show, an ‘exhibitor’ chose to leave: apparently the stall position allocated disadvantaged the profit margin. I know this because at 25 minutes past one on Friday Liz and I were hit by a barrage of superior knowledge about stands and positions. I commented ‘Have you read any of our posts?’ The reply ‘I have no time to read posts’ I attempted to inform about why our prices were lower than other shows, and the reply was ‘I take three times the amount at A.N.Others events. I’d rather pay the extra’. That’s fine by many of The Community and me. There are plenty of people who sell silver jewellery.

I could make further comment about this situation: There is no need as many people knew about it: how so? Well, draw your conclusions. Everyone who reads this must be without doubt – When any ‘exhibitor’ insults or demeans LizianEvents, they are NOT affecting Liz or myself. They are in CERTAINTY insulting the work, effort, dedication, and commitment of The Community. Never forget we are a Community Based Organisation.

Of course, I look like a fool, act like an idiot and have no business acumen. You are best to believe that all I have done in my life is sell a few crystals and silver jewellery at a market stall and have learned nothing from fifteen years of ‘exhibiting’ at shows. Many of which were disastrous for tens of exhibitors.

Failures such as:
Various Masonic Halls
Various Sports Centres
Various Schools
Various Races Courses
And numerous other failures

Anyone can give an example of one good event: I’ve just offered you dire failures which finished many peoples relationships with mbs fairs. Do not like it? Well, understand, I keep extensive journals and records: I’m writing of facts, not an illusion. It is easy to make anything fit with tunnel vision and conformational bias. But never tell me how organisers work: because I’ve watched most of them. And I’ll repeat I do not care how they work or what they do: in the same way as they do not care about what we do and how we operate. Some comment ‘I’ve exhibited at BIG show’s’. So have Liz and I and for more significant stakes: How about the cost of the whole of the turnover of The Lincolnshire Well Being Show for one stand at the NEC as a convincer?

The stakes are high at trade events: airline fright contracts can be worth millions of pounds: contracts to supply materials to China and other Asian countries also run into six and seven figure sums per transaction. In this instance, every possibility is worked out and analysed. One thing is sure; position is of no importance at any event: Prestige and evidence of ability to fulfil promises are crucial to success at shows never doubt it.

We must consider the mistaken belief that stand position is importance:

To believe an exhibition or trade fair has a ‘dead’ area is incorrect. There are areas more central to a floor plan that will have more congestion due to cross-over of Visitors. If we followed a single visitor, you would discover he will seek every stall in the show. Unless there is a specific place, he has already fixed his mind on visiting. Footfall is one of the keys: the footfall indicates if all the visitors pass by the stall. It is solely down to the smallholder or delegate to communicate with the attendees. If Visitors are not walking by there is a problem; because there are no Visitors.

After participating at large exhibitions: for two examples the N.E.C and Canary Wharf, and many other national conference centres, I know attendance is not the whole story: it is the footfall past the stands which is essential. Liz works out the floor plan from a sure and certain knowledge of how the logistics of footfall and dwell time works.

Dwell Time?

Dwell time is the attention time Visitors stay at the stall. It is essential to connect and communicate with customers: We must focus on dwell time: which is how long the customer or client stays at the stall. Do not believe me?

Consider this idea: A reader decides she requires twenty readings to cover overheads and make a profit: and fails: does this indicate there are not twenty potential clients who will walk by over the weekend? The answer is obvious and one reason people do not ‘dwell’ is to do with:

The idea of ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ – if the thought is negative and belief is failure, failure will be the result. And when any ‘exhibitor’ walks the floor and causes mischief others are bound to think there is a possibility the message is accurate. Bushfire destruction is the inevitable result. To refer back to the original part of the article I comment: In this instance: the stall was filled the following day, and the new Community Member enjoyed a great days trading: what was the replacement Member selling? – Jewellery.

Floor Plans:

Liz will not change the floor plans. We have no interest in the methods of other organisers. Our ethos is integrity and fairness. Our business plan is clear and well defined. We know some will dislike the idea of Community Commitment. We know some people are ‘exhibitors’ and chose to turn-up and trade: this is not the blood of LizianEvents. No single ‘exhibitor’ can influence the 95 Community Members who are the show – Issue closed.

Cash Back:

Lincolnshire Show Ground has poor radio connectivity, as has many parts of the area. The internet facility is excellent. However, I would be reticent to make financial transactions in this system. Liz uses an iZettle for the LizianEvents transactions. An iZettle costs £30 to buy, and the fees are 1.75% per transaction, there is no reason not to take card payments at any event.

We do not have a Worldpay ‘purchase with cash back’ signed agreement. I will point out the terms of this agreement ‘Cashback MUST be accompanied with a purchase’ – Giving cash back in ‘an exchange for money’ transaction breaks money laundering laws, we do not violate the law. It is suggested some who give cash back are not aware of the clause. A violation can result in the closing of business bank accounts. Furthermore, I contacted five show organisers today who use either Lincolnshire and Newark Showgrounds. How many offered cash back? Not a one.


A few Community Members questioned why we charged extra for electricity. The answer is this: the venue changed the tariff for ‘extras’ and electricity was one of the changes. We considered covering the extra charge ourselves and as the demand for supplies increased the bill came to nearly a thousand pounds. The need to pass on the cost was inevitable. We cannot apologise for something which is beyond our control. Why am I writing about this? Because an ‘exhibitor’ has instilled the idea in some peoples minds, we are profiteering from Community Members. Interesting that the ‘exhibitor’ has booked and cancelled with us on two occasions. It is a good job I do not demean this individual in the same way our good name is incorrectly slighted.

I always ask people if they have any concerns or questions they need answering. I am also aware that people find difficulty in asking awkward questions. Occasional articles like this are written to answer these questions. Some people believe the best way to deal with troublemakers is to ignore them; this is not applicable in this instance.

We must remember LizianEvents provides a platform for Community Members to promote or trade from, it is our responsibility to connect as many people as possible. The key to the prices we charge is relevant to a commitment to the Community to be active in the promotion of the shows. Those who chose to allow the organiser to promote for them, pay the extra price asked. Remember as well, this accurate fact, the shows grow in stature if a show is established it is easier to promote. This was our third time at this event, and it takes time to build. To compare what we do with other organisers is difficult as the dynamic is somewhat different.

See You Soon

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  1. As usual fantastic article.

    I said my piece earlier today on Liz’s timeline commenting on part two.

    Nothing more to add 😎

  2. Fair comment.

    I thought that the layout was fine. There will always be alternative layouts, my own view is that it is in Lizian’s interests that the layout is optimized. They do.I was particularly impressed by the “rest” table and chairs dotted around the halls. The idea was new. I have not seen it used elsewhere. It worked.

    Elsewhere I have seen Readers grouped together with a central booking facility. There are advantages, and disadvantages. The great thing about LEN is the forum exists to discuss such things. The cash debate is worth having. Some (Jane included) struggled with a Zettle connection. I do think that as a community we should be putting pressure on the Showground to offer a cashpoint facility.

    The only time I have seen a stall poorly placed was at Olympia, London, where a “Chill out” stand, with comfy leather seats and headsets, was placed just inside the entrance to the hall ( normally a bullseye position) in a clockwise spot. Self-evidently it needed to be at the “end” when people needed chilling out. I have never seen Lizian make such a faux pas.

    The electricity? It’s the price of fish. Lizian have a choice about whether to accept a hall hire charge, community members have a choice about whether we take a stall.

  3. Agreed it’s not where you are placed it’s who you are that is important.. Last year 2017 l was on my way to a show’ l was traveling on the A1 southbound when then traffic slowed to a complete stop .. the car in front of me had a interesting number plate .. l had a conversation with the person who was driving the car people overheard and within a minute l got out my fold up chair and l performed many paid numerology readings on the A1 …. this proves it’s not the location it’s the individual or indeed the team / community … regards to all from Stephen Kirkbride numerologist

  4. Excellent article, I have written many words about my thoughts on position (not a factor) the individual sells their product and their selves by interacting with people, you sell or as others have rightly put make contacts. In regards to the electric charge a free will choice I believe, nowhere is it stipulated that you must purchase electric. In regards to other peoples opinions on how best a show should be run (other organisers) run your own shows and test your theories the shows are run on a community basis and potential exhibitors are given clear guidelines of what is expected from a community member, it is in our collective interests to help one another. I myself was in profit by a small margin at the end of the show all I want to do in regard to the next one is to learn how I can improve and ultimately that is down to me. Community members existing and potential we have a great opportunity and great back up lets get behind this and take it all the way to the top. My feelings are we all made a great start this past weekend, as usual these are just my thoughts, love and light to you all.

  5. I am commenting in reverse – and have already commented on the post of the 8 of June. I read this post four times to get the grasp of the essay. I realise you have focussed on four main areas of your communities concerns. It seems you have a few people who voiced their discontent of the way you organised this show. It is clear that you have responded to the concerns of the community. No one is left in any doubt that if the union of people is to prosper – you will address the concerns of the people in the group. A good essay whihc is fair and open – I am sure there will be people who totally agree with every word and theway you have written about the situations – I am impressed with Garys’ obsevations, he seem to have a fair grasp of the meaning of the essay. Interesting, balanced and fair essay. many thanks, Janine

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