Thank you to all the people who have contributed to our small acknowledgement of Mental Health Awareness Week. Ian was correct about the reader numbers being slightly lower than the normal. However, I am certain the contribution is worthwhile. We will be following other ‘awareness’ weeks in future.

More important is the way The Community rallied on this week of awareness. I noticed many of you had taken possession of the Mental Health Awareness Week and written social media posts and shared the one’s here on LEN.

Step UP: LizianEvents

Readers should now realise that our work is not about continuous show promotion: We are committed to post articles and information about any and all aspects of well being, happiness and inner security. One of our objectives is to establish strong connections with all health practitioners. There is no differential between traditional and holistic health experts. My feeling is everyone has a part to play in finding wellbeing. The Community driven organisation is waking up to our core objectives.

I see holistic therapy, traditional medicine, eastern traditions as beneficial to all people. And when talking to people at shows, the market and while promoting: it is evident many are aware that prevention and understanding are imperative aspects of wellbeing.

This is being encouraged through our work. And more people see the incredible potential of what The Communities creating at The Inspirational Well Being Shows. Every week I meet with people who comment on the quality and knowledge of The Community. Not only this Visitors I meet consistently talk of the pleasure and enjoyment gained during visits to the Well Being Shows.

Next week will be busy: Jon, Ian and I are recording video promotions for all venues. There is plenty of good news to tell! We are now pushing the promotion in every available area. Social media, internet marketing, email news letters and plenty of foot work. You can be assured the promotion will be relentless.

The interest in The Inspirational Well Being Shows is fantastic. Next years bookings are already very healthy: I see no reason why we should not enjoy a lively and prosperous year. It seems evident that many people are seeing the benefit of Community driven Well Being Shows.

You know that our feeling is superb venues, high Community attendance and large talk schedules are the way to attract Visitors. And Community Members are seeing this as beneficial to their successes. I ask you to watch and share the videos when they are posted over the next ten days. They will be on the show pages of LEN and LizianEvents dot com site.

Liz Clark : lizianevents
Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents

As always I offer my thanks and gratitude to all of you who share our work. Claire, Shirley, Rick, Kirstie, Darren and John have been major contributors this week. I know we cannot always thank everyone: But please know we thank you for your contribution to the success of The Inspirational Well Being Shows.


Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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