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It is a beautiful morning in France, The weather is perfect, and the air in this mountain region is pure and fresh. In front of me is the Swiss Alps to my left Germany. The only noise which breaks the peace is the hourly bell from the village church.

I’m here on a working holiday. Buying minerals and rocks from the yearly St Marie aux Mines show. It is hard work at St Marie the heat is relentless, and within the show areas, there is little wind. Carol, Cam and I leave at seven in the morning clean and tidy and return early evening covered in dust and dirt ready for a shower and the evening meal prepared by Ian.

The mineral show is essential for our business. The stock purchased this week will refresh the LizianShop in Nottingham and allow us to keep the retail prices at an affordable level. There is always something which catches the eye and plenty more items which one see’s and thinks “Ah! I know who’ll love this piece”. During the week, many of our regular customers mentioned the yearly adventure and comments like: “I’m looking forward to the new crystals” are commonplace.

Next week will fly by: and the week we return is always hectic. Unload the truck, restock the shelves in Nottingham and begin the preparation for the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. The following six months have a full itinerary’s, and we are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Everybody we speak to has a great feeling about this year’s shows. And the vibes are bubbling, no doubt about it. The updated attending Community list was published on Tuesday, and it is at the magic one-hundred mark. With a month to go and plenty of interest from new Community Members, the future for the whole organisation is looking very healthy indeed.


Those of you who look carefully at the dot com site will read a paragraph Ian wrote for the Lincolnshire Well Being Show Page:

“Remember, The Well Being Shows do not specialise in any specific area. It would be inaccurate to use prefixes such as ‘Yoga’ ‘Health’ ‘Healing’ in the title of the shows. Visitors enjoy and experience a broad spectrum of ideas and thoughts which are centred on ways to become a Well Being.”

I asked him the reasoning behind the comment; his reply is enlightening:

“When I approached Vegan groups with information about the shows, they accurately suggested we do not fit in with their ethos. And many Vegans would not compromise their beliefs to stand at a show which the catering sold animal products. I applaud their conviction very much. And I understand their sentiment. It is my feeling that to tack on Yoga, health, healing etc onto the identity of our shows would highjack people dedicated Yoga, health, healing. And not fulfil the promise of those who arrive thinking we organise a (for example) Yoga focussed event. You may get away with it a few times, but in the long term, people will see through the ruse. My feeling is this: The Well Being Shows organised by LizianEvents are THE identity which Visitors understand. Well Being encompasses the intention of the event and the people who choose to be Community Members”.

It has been suggested our transparency damages the potential of increasing Visitor numbers. We do not see the openness as restrictive. We see it as a reflection of contemporary thought. People demand clarity and understanding, and this is why our Community is growing in variety. The Well Being Shows are attracting more health professionals and professionals qualified therapists. Community Members see the Shows as long term investments. Visitors lists are growing daily (from email enquiries), and all this is indicating a thriving organisation.

There is a way to go before we reach our objective. Which is establishing an identity as “The Inspirational Well Being Show” when people see these four words, they will recognise the brand. And of course, Visitors will know they will enter an environment which is the home to a brilliant Community of Well Being specialists.

Today I will enjoy a walk in the village and a glass of pure water from the local spring. It is the simple gifts which have the most value for our Wellbeing.

See You Soon


Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents


  1. Exactly! INSPIRATIONAL Well Being Shows … THAT is what LizianEvents​ are all about- I am so proud to be part of our Lizian Community. Join us or visit us and you’ll see why 🙂

  2. The branding of shows is riven by paradox.
    The public expect the familiar- yet it is the unexpected which makes a show memorable.
    Variety keeps visitors longer- yet random stalls dilute the identity of the event.
    “Specialist” shows draw in some- yet alienate others.
    There is no doubt that MBS shows have shifted significantly in the last three years in terms of what they offer, led in no small part, by Lizian.
    The branding of the shows is important, but the identity is created by the exhibitors, whatever the show itself is called.
    The addition of the word “Inspirational” is shrewd. It reflects the ambition of an event, together with the trend for Inspirational speakers.

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