Sunday Thoughts – Liz Clark – How the week has flown by and what a fabulous week we have enjoyed. As predicted, the days were long and hard and rewarding. I met with some of my British business colleagues over the week everyone talking about the heat and success of the StMarie aux Mines mineral show.

Many thanks to Campbell and Carol Wallace for their friendship and support over the week. We’ve enjoyed your company immensely. And thanks to Ian for cooking and cleaning while we’ve been buying new stock. It is a very enjoyable week and one looked forward to the second we begin the return journey home.

We left the house around eleven yesterday morning. Today I’ll be travelling up to Carol and Campbell’s home to deliver a few boxes of crystals: and no doubt enjoy an excellent lunch with our friends. Tomorrow will be taken with unloading stock in Nottingham and selecting new items to restock the shelves.

Today is the 30th, and that means we are counting down for The Lincoln Well Being Show. Over the next four weeks, every post will be focused on the event. As already mentioned, we will have one hundred plus Community Members attending: sixty talks and two stage areas. For the first time, we will have PA equipment at both stage areas, and this will enhance the Visitors enjoyment of the presentations and performances.

Community Members who are giving talks will have the opportunity to have their seminars recorded. Ian has spent a week testing a new system to record Community Members talks. We will be able to record fourteen lectures each day so if you are giving a speech at the #lincolnshirewellbeingshow, why not book a spot.

The advantage of having the talk recorded is it will become available Worldwide on our iTunes platform. Do not underestimate the potential of this asset. For sure many new Visitors are listening to the podcasts Worldwide and who knows? Someone my list to your talk and wish to connect with you. This asset is a potential business stream and opportunity. The cost is zero, so do not be afraid to have the presentation recorded.

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Our exclusive seminar recording system is simple to use (Ian will set it up for you). And you can watch the wave pattern as the recording is made. Therefore the quality is maintained. It is a well thought out system, and during tests, the sound quality is superb. Each recorded talk will be lightly edited with an introduction and closing music. I recommend you consider utilising the asset to your advantage.

A short articled this week as I have been working at St Marie aux Mines and looking after the Show enquires later in the evening. However, I would thank you for your support of this weekly post the reader figures are astounding: Thank You.


Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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