Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts 11 August – I rarely see Ian’s posts until published. He has no input in my weekly article. He does not see a post until it is ready. He’ll make slight changes to the structure of the document but cannot add or remove any of the body of the text. This article is mine and mine alone: I have hijacked LEN’s operating centre and posted this article without Ian’s input.

Daily articles are read most mornings at 05:45: Rarely do I comment on the pieces. On Monday morning I asked Ian how many items are published on LEN: he replies “over eight-hundred and sixty”. I reply “this will cause waves”.

I am writing about the LEN article ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’. Over five-hundred people have read the piece. Most are in support of the view-point offered. Many saw the validity of Ian’s comments. Some expressed the view that leaving sleeping dogs in their slumber is the way. To an extent, I agree with letting ‘sleeping dogs sleep’, but the world is changed in many ways, and one refreshing aspect of communication is transparent conversation.

To understand the article, you have to follow the way he thinks. We should not underestimate his unwavering determination to succeed. Pure accounting, balance sheet, profit, re-investment, paying ahead, are his chess pieces. He says: “This business must be structured, if the system is sound today, it will grow as the business expands”. The company’s structure requires deep and firm foundations. For example, there will be unavoidable financial changes during 2020-21, and we’ll be ready for inevitable upheavals when the announcements are made.

Believing Monday’s article was one of griping or defence is wrong. He knows the rules, understands the principals of engagement. He feels the ability to speak one’s mind publicly is a demonstration of integrity. Ian loves the quote “Do not talk to me of truth: I prefer facts”. The article sends a clear message: sometimes we have to rebuke damaging statements. After reading the report for the third time, I see the reason for the words, and I ask him for confirmation: “Why did you write the article, in this way?” I jot his answer down in my notebook: “If someone demeans the reputation of something you love, the family you care for, there is an obligation to set the record straight. We are not playing games here; we are investing life hours in the future of something many cannot even see. Still, people think the idea and concept of the shows is some illusion. My article is written, so people understand our commitment to the Community is beyond reproach. The message was NOT ‘we are better’ – it IS ‘we see your (The Community’s) commitment, and none will damage the magnificence'”.

He never feels LizianEvents Ltd has succeeded or is successful. He reminds me “In the future, it will become harder to make headways not easier”. He knows the better one’s achievements, the higher the task to keep up the standard. Last year I asked him how he felt a show would work: “it will be great, we respect everyone who we work for, they will shine”. The answers contain a profound message.

Notebook and camera are tools which record records of his life. Ask him what he was doing on 2 July 2015, and there will be a page in his notebook and a photograph somewhere in his archive. Everything of note is recorded. This dedication to the accumulation of information is why his articles are so precise. I once asked him what is his greatest regret “no question” he answered, “I should have been a photojournalist”.

I believe he has achieved his true vocation. The media he produces for LEN and the promotion of The Community has NO equal. He has edited over eight-hundred and sixty articles bar this one. Ian does not like birthday cards or presents. “Every day is a birthday party to me”. Tuesday is his birthday: it is another day, nothing more.
Happy Birthday Ian x


The way the organisation is viewed is meaningful. None could doubt we have a proactive and determined attitude in running the business. Who would people desire to work with? A company run with clear objectives, and an ethos bound by definitive parameters? Or one which floats like a cork on an uncertain sea? We work continually to heighten the awareness of the events. Looking at the analytic of our media streams provides an understanding of Visitors needs during the shows. I will not reveal this vital information, it is private and will remain so: But we have a good idea of what Visitor requires and who they are: the information means the shows are tailored for the Visitor.


I guide everyone involved with the Well Being Connection that we will not let up our relentless pursuit of promoting the Well Being Shows. The next three weeks will be busy for Jon and I. As we promote both Newstead and Newark Well Being Shows. The centre of attention is, of course, Newstead for two days each week and Newark on the third. We have already distributed over fifteen-thousand flyers (Newstead), and there is a further twenty thousand to go.

I am under no illusion; we have to continue to raise the bar for every event. It is¬†heartening people recognise Jon and I as we tread the pavements. Of more importance, they know the LizianEvents Well Being Brand. And furthermore, Jon and I receive feedback from people in places who distribute the flyers. “One of our customers enjoyed the show” – “My sister says she had a massage session” “People know about the events”. When receiving these comments, we know the effort is worthwhile.

A long “Sunday Thought’s” thank you for reading the article. And thank you for supporting The Community Driven Well Being Shows.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd


  1. A personal word of thanks for the editorial job done by Ian.

    LEN generates swathes of copy and demands attention whatever the subject. Ian always makes space for alternative views. I have never known him object to a fair point, soundly made. He provides a space, and profile, for those who otherwise might struggle to be heard. The photographs and video clips are professional standard. Thank you.

    No events organiser can ever rest easy. The market and world around us all is constantly changing and evolving. And like a captain at sea with adverse weather ahead, sometimes tricky decisions need to be made about whether to carry on regardless, hove to, make for shelter, or return home.

    Late summer outdoor shows are normally enjoyed by all. Who would have predicted gale force winds and torrential rain this weekend ? Instead of good trading the talk is of wrecked stands, cancellations or failure to cancel, insurance liabilities and losses.

    The only people who attract no criticism are those who do nothing.

    Lizian, like all of us, enjoy our successes, and learn by our mistakes.

    Happy Birthday for Tuesday Ian.

    • Brilliant reply Gary , I echo your sentiments.
      Change is inevitable in this fast paced world we live in , adapting and evolving is key in my mind to achieve the goals I have set for myself. Documenting both success and failures is also key as a barometer of where you have come from and where you are going and what it has took to get there.. I have said it before I and I will say it again with Lizian events you are provided with a framework to work within and a stage to perform on , there are certain rules and then you the community member have a choice fit in or move away to something that suits your needs better. Personal responsibility meaning “you”the individual are responsible for what you do at shows, promote relentlessly, share and learn from feedback, engage with everybody, learn from those that do have a successful show and be prepared to ask yourself the tough questions when your own show might not have gone as well, learn from it .I am still relatively new in this arena but I am learning at every show from those that have gone before me, things need tweaking here and there but I wholeheartedly believe in the community, Lizian events and ultimately each and everyone of you that is at the shows no rivals just a group of like minded people looking to achieve the same objectives, to help people towards becoming a well being.
      It’s just my thoughts as usual and also Happy birthday for Tuesday Ian.

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