We continually ask Community Members to provide information about their work, products, therapies and other relevant information. It is a worthwhile exercise as the information will reach interested people and attract Visitors. We are not mind-readers and while we can write about people we know and work with: The only option for new Community Profiles is to use the information found on their website. Strangely: Ian has had exhibitors complain when their website info is used! One emailed Ian writing – ‘the copyright is all mine!’ – This seems somewhat odd. If we link to their website, every word is only a click away and in reality still on LEN.

Why would you not want your website information shared? We can look at every facet of someone’s world on the net. If your desire is to expend time and effort all is available. Secret groups are not confidential, blocking someone is futile, closed groups are easily accessed. There are ways around every barrier; nothing is ‘for your eyes only’.

Of course, we have plenty to do each day, and we are focussed purely on The Community and the organisation’s portfolio of shows. And for the shows to thrive, we need information. You would not stay long in a restaurant if the menu were blank. You’d not visit a theatre without reading the upcoming performance page. And you would not buy a product unless you’d researched it on the net.

How do you expect Visitors to choose a Well Being Show if they cannot see the Community Lists? If you are attending a Well Being Show as a Community Member. Give yourself a chance: allow the Visitors to learn something about your work.


Your shows attract Visitors because they love to listen to talks and presentations. I would recommend everyone to work on a speech and test the power of a lecture. You can make friends and gain loyal customers after an hour of group interaction. And there is no difference between a conversation with friends and talking to twenty or more people. It is great fun and very rewarding.


Are you taking plenty of promotional material to The Well Being Shows? Do not be fooled into thinking you need professionally designed and printed flyers or cards. Even a handwritten and copied flyer is better than nothing at all; in fact, there is a feeling this type of personal connection is advantageous. Excellent printing and plenty of professionally produced promotional material are exceptional. But hand made and personal certainly has its place on the table.

Ian will advise on websites if you are stuck. A simple website is easy to make and look after. But do not make the mistake of thinking a website is a gateway to fame and fortune. You need to use it as an information conduit and attaining many visitors to your website can take months of effort. And you’ll gain no traction at all unless people share your site.

LizianEvents News is an excellent place to share your site and information about your work. The key to peoples awareness is connections, and connecting on these pages will help you to succeed.


I’m asked every day about Visitors numbers to the shows. My reply is ‘look at show reviews on LEN, and you will find accurate and truthful accounts of footfall’. I also suggest knowing the reason for standing at a show must be the first consideration. So my question is: ‘Are you doing something which makes you HAPPY?’ If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you accept the show is not the venue or the organisers work. The show is the group of people who attend as Community Members. When Jack says to Jill at an event ‘this is a bit slow’. Jill could answer: ‘What have we done to bring people to our stall today? I’m happy to be here; this is a way for me to talk to people and provide them with information about my work?’

Think carefully about your reason and consider how much is spent on stock, training and courses. Most people could stand at a show ten-times over for the price of some courses. Shows are the opportunity to practice and enjoy your qualification. Visitors are more than happy to contribute to stand fees. And none begrudge your profit. People sense happiness; they know if the intent is real. And if there is happiness within your soul and spirit, it will be recognised by their own.

So make life full of happy choices this week. And if something goes wrong, remember, the words of the great Bob Ross ‘There are no mistakes – Only happy accidents’

See You Soon
Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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