Forty Talks for a Fiver – Eighty for Eight Pounds! Yes, a two-day ticket will give the Visitor access to eighty, talks, workshops and stage performances. What a show we have for our Visitors. Two fabulous workshops (on both days) with Barrie John and his introduction to psychic connections using the Tarot and Emma Gowshall demonstrating and teaching the hows and whys of animal communication and animal healing. At the other ends of the wellbeing spectrum, we have Rose Best’s brilliant Belly Dancing class, Tai Chi and Yoga. The Community have the Visitor’s wellbeing and entertainment covered.

I doubt anyone can say this will not be a whole weekend of Well Being Entertainment. There are over one-hundred attending Community Members and did I forget to mention the two small but highly popular stage areas? On these open talk areas, Visitors can enjoy talks from televisions Darren Stanton and music from the ever-popular Claudine West, and Iza Moon will be singing her magical words. Iza will also be presenting two musical based presentations during the show.

We have loved every minute of putting this show together. This show is an acknowledgement of the brilliance of The Community. One gratifying aspect of The Community-driven events is the ebb and flow of Community Members joining and choosing the shows which suit their needs. For example, Richard of the Therapy Training Academy likes shows near to his home base of Nottingham. Other people see their work as country-wide. The stalwart Community supporter Brigitte Rix travels from York to be at her Well Being Shows. We do not ask anyone to commit to all of the shows. And the ability to pick the ‘right’ event works well for Visitors who see new faces and learn new ideas of wellbeing at every event.

You know we are media mad! Our social media streams are buzzing, and the increase in internet traffic is a testament to the quality, depth and breadth of the video, iTunes podcasts, photographs and LEN articles. We will never slow down our media promotion and promotion of The Community. By the way: For the first time you’ll see a ‘photo-wall’ at the Well Being Show. (another first for the Community-driven events). Many Visitors to this show will be given free photo prints of their visit. Why are we doing this? Because we know great memories count to happiness in the ‘Well Being Bank’. You see joy, laughter and enjoyment are like coins of wellbeing, the more you collect, the better life is enjoyed.

When looking through the Lincolnshire Show Page, it is easy to see the progress of The Community’s Well Being Shows. They are in constant evolution. Nothing stands still: The shows are growing, and our roots are deep and robust. This coming weekend there are over one-hundred routes to wellbeing attending the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Visitors will be inspired and entertained. They will gain memories of happiness and wellbeing never to be forgotten.

During the week following the Nottingham Well Being Show, we received eleven bookings for the next years shows at the Jubilee Conference Centre. The support for the future of this event is more than encouraging: it is an indication of Community achievement and commitment. The two words ‘Well Being’ have become our identity; the capital V for the word visitors is now being used by others. The word ‘Community’ is attached to many other adverts. The influence The Community is having on many hundreds of people cannot be ignored or denied. You are all stars, magical, influential and connected. Thank-You for your support, investments and commitment, what you are building is a very special, very special indeed.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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