Liz Clarks Sunday Thoughts – 01.03.20 – Again I find myself writing “This time next week”. In seven days time, we will be at the Jubilee Conference Centre enjoying the Well Being Show. It is our second outing at this venue, and there is phenomenal potential for the show to be a significant attraction. Remember, when I write ‘we’ I mean ‘we’ The Community. Ian and I consider ourselves part of the brilliant group of people.

Nottingham is a difficult place to make a show work. The logistics are not right. Remember, it a commuter and University City. Therefore, gaining traction means intensive effort must be put into Visitor awareness of the event. Of course, the advantages are the Community and six-years of steady growth. We all pull together for one last push this week for Visitor awareness.

I may have been a little too enthusiastic with email-outs over the previous fortnight, and it is worth the slight risk of unsubscribing from a few recipients. I apologise for the intrusion if my ‘door-knocking’ has been over the top. However, awareness is vital for this show. 

The Community’s longterm future and successful connections are essential. One should not doubt the traction being attained: One piece of evidence of the connections being made is the number the people who have connected with us over the last few months. Their comments are consistent: ‘I’d like to be part of the community’ – ‘I see what you are working towards’ – ‘I’ve spent hours looking through the daily news’ ‘The feeling is amazing at the shows’. Community reputation and visibility are expanding outward: the ripples are reaching a wider audience: Enquiries are now countrywide, and connections grow. And for all of this, we should not become complacent. So we’ll continue with a continuous drive to promote shows and Community. Daily posts here on LEN keep engagement active and progressive.

Incidentally, the quantity of submissions and articles is growing to such a degree it has become necessary sometimes to publish two articles a day! Ian tells me he currently has eleven podcasts and eight recorded interviews waiting for publication. This number will grow after the Nottingham Well Being Show as more recording are made. And visitors to the site are looking thorough all pages and searching deep into the archives. LEN is becoming a respected worldwide publication.

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Show Thoughts:

The Woodland Trust is a worthy charity and one which is close to our hearts. Woodland Trust representatives have to overcome immense political and commercial ignorance. We should never forget a tree grows for hundreds of years and benefits the environment from year two in its growth cycle. With the best of care, a tree planted today will outlive the construction and years later abandonment of HS2 and thousands of other destructive civil engineering projects. The quality of human life, our native wildlife and ecological environment are more important than fast travel for a relatively small percentage of commuters. It seems strange in this super-fast internet world; more businesses do not use the internet for ‘virtual’ business conference rather than travelling to meet and talk.

It is important to support environmental charities: if our grandchildren have any chance of living a life free from pollution and ecological disaster. We should trust green charities to work their magic. Their task is not easy; they have to fight against institutions who are centred on greed and profit and will twist fact into an illusionary spin. We are privileged to support this worthy cause. We must not forget the immense impact this national charity has in making our environment a better place.

A short Sunday thoughts today: I’m looking forward to next weekends Well Being Show: the venue is top-class: the talk-schedule second to none: and a Community of fifty-seven amazing people. All Visitors are bound to enjoy the most beautiful weekend of Well Being.

One last word: I must offer special thanks to Jon Sharpe for his immense efforts over the last two weeks and for the week ahead: He has distributed over fifteen-thousand flyers in a twenty-mile radius. Travelling on the train and bus to meet his objectives. Thank you, Jon, for your tireless endeavour.

See You There

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd


    • Thank You, Rick. Everyone can be sure we’ll be relentless in the promotional activites and gaining Visitor awareness of The Community driven shows and events. See You Soon…

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