Liz Clarks Sunday Thoughts – We wonder at the insipid nature of the criminal. A minor crisis occurred when a Russian hacker dropped spy-ware into Ian’s inbox/ Yes: he should have known better than to open the post. However, the template is as perfect as could be, and the inevitable occurred because he’d forgotten to switch his firewall back on after a software upgrade.

Fortunately, he’s software savvy: the malware was isolated and erased within an hour. The firewall turned on, and passwords changed. Of course, he was pragmatic about the issue: Immediately posting out to Facebook and media streams asking friends and business contacts not to open emails with his signature.

Six hours later, the issue was over. His final words on the subject: ‘The Russian’s a good fellow, forcing me to change passwords and tidy the inboxes. But remember Lizbet: the issue could have been a phishing scam: There is are a few scams doing the rounds at the moment utilising old site passwords found in the public domain, and perfect for abuse. I did find spy-ware, and it could only have become installed during the last 8 hours or so; so it’s not worth taking chances’. The problem solved: Was it a crisis or a timely reminder that it is easy to make one mistake which becomes a serious issue? 

I’m not focussed on Ian’s action of making sure as many people knew about the issue. My point is it is often prudent to admit one is vulnerable and warn friends to stay clear of areas of danger! Is there a parallel to the virus crisis? I suppose there could be: but more important is the idea of not letting one’s guard down and making sure one is aware of the possibility of present and hidden dangers from many areas of our lives.


Readers and listeners are discovering, the demand for the podcasts is growing. Daily we are receiving ‘asks’ to be on the show, and we are watching the statistics with interest. I realise how great is the number of inspiring, creative, spiritual and bright thinking people involved in the Well Being Show’s Community. I re-listened to many of the podcasts during the past week. What a mix of subjects and ideas. It seems to me, the randomness of the topics is the reason for so many people visiting the iTunes site. So, any idea or thoughts you wish to suggest as a subject for a show – use the contact form.

An essential aspect of LEN is to keep up a steady flow of articles and thoughts over the coming weeks. I firmly believe, whatever we do now will stand us in good regard with our Visitors in the years to come. Be sure the visibility of LEN and the Podcasts is gaining ground, and everyone who is part of LEN and is guest on the show enjoys beneficial Visitor connections.

For Example:

Claudine West tells me she has enjoyed significantly more downloads from her site after the podcast she was guest on last week. The reconnections do work, and they work well. We will not stop recording and producing this valuable asset.

I would like to try a slightly different format this week: A shorter ‘Thoughts’ and a list of next weeks guest on LEN!

Monday – John Richardson
Tuesday – Kirstie Wood
Wednesday – Heather Wood
Thursday – Angela Barker
Friday – Claudine West
Saturday – Campbell Wallace
Sunday – Liz Clark

And Yes! All Podcasts.

See You Very Soon
Stay Safe
Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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