Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts – 24.05.20 – It is interesting how The Community interaction has grown over the last eight weeks. And I thank all of you for contributions to the LizianEvents Facebook Group. The group’s interactions grow in number every week, and of course, this is great for connections and the future of the Community and the Well Being and Sure Spirit Shows. There has been no let-up to our promotional activity, and we know this will benefit all involved in the future.

If there is a doubt about the potential of our social media streams or the facilities available: we can review a situation which happened this week:

Barrie (Barrie John) encountered a problem: Here is the bulletin we put out on Tuesday:

Special Announcement

Barrie John is temporally banned from Facebook live on his page! The ban is a result of a hacker leaving posts and images on Barrie’s (Barrie John Page). While there was nothing sinister posted: the hacker blitzed tens of people some of who complained and the result is Barrie has been unfairly punished.

So Barrie is utilising The Pure Spirit page for Barrie John Live’s until he can return to Using The Barrie John page.

Please listen to the short podcast to understand the temporary change.

BJSJohn – On Pure Spirit Events Page

The Special Announcement was posted at 13:00, and Barrie started the FaceTime production three hours later. It attained over 10000 with 3500 views, and 300 comments reach What amazing figures and Barrie has continued with this connection using The Pure Spirit FaceBook Group he has attained over 50 thousand links so far. Barrie has an incredible media presence. However, he recognises the potential of LizianEvents promotional ability.

This evidence of our connectivity is why we will never stop promoting and bringing awareness to Visitors and Community Members through our pages and media streams. Even though numbers have reduced by 7%, we still have a phenomenal presence. Anyone who uses them will give themselves an advantage. And keep themselves in the eye of a more significant group of people. Remember the Facebook personal feed only allows 25 contacts to flow within a person feed. This reality means coverage is limited and repetitive: interestingly, the algorithm infiltrates many aspects of choices and understands more about you than you would believe. Have you ever wondered how Facebook Ad’s are so specific? The algorithm records connections, searches and words. You are placed precisely where your interactions take you!

I have enjoyed seeing the upsurge of enquires about the 2020 shows. For the moment our dates are fixed in the calendar. I remind readers I will not speculate on the future: this seems to be a pointless endeavour: of course, the will be many who feel they can see the how and why’s of what people will decide. Although I keep a meticulous eye on people’s activities, now there are changes to the restrictions. One gets a real feeling of the possibilities when watching how many people are travelling to beaches!

Sharing has never been more critical. Stay connected and use the social media streams we have available. LizianEvents News is a prevalent and influential Well Being Show Connection. If there is a desire to be seen and positive, proactive and future-driven: LEN is the place to be read, listened too and seen!

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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