We are now entering the transitional phase of the present crisis. And it seems apparent we must now think carefully about the future of the Well Being Shows.

It is accurate to write old ways, and experience is now of little value. Anyone with any sense knows the rule book has to be rewritten. To this end, we intend to make the best of our facilities. Readers will see a change in the style of articles and podcasts as we gear up to the remainder of 2020.

I will not speculate as to the dates of the shows: I can write if the government guidelines allow us to run an event, the doors will open. From emails received, there is no doubting the numbers of Community Members wishing to attend Well Being Shows will make them viable and worth visiting.

We will offer subsidised rates to all Community Members for 2020. The reduction is so they can have a reasonable chance of rebuilding their businesses. And we will step up promotion of their work over the coming weeks. Podcasting and editorial articles will become an essential aspect of this promotional activity. We have not lost any momentum over the last nine weeks. Indeed The Community and Well Being Shows visibility have increased during the crisis. All readers, email subscribers and Community Members will see an increase in connections beginning mid-June.

As I have already stated, there is no precedent for the ways the shows will function during 2020. And because of this, we have over the last three weeks used emailed surveys to get a feeling for the way Visitors desire the show to be run. Initial feedback is fascinating indeed, and we will use the input to formulate a specific list of questions which will form the final survey. This survey will be sent out to our 8000 mailing list mid-June, and the answers will become the formula for the Well Being Show format for 2020 and 2021.

It is essential to acknowledge the format of the Well Being Shows will be directly related to the needs and opinions of the Visitors. I feel the is the only way forward as the events become active. And we know for sure there can be no cutting corners or making compromises. To have a ‘that will do’ or ‘money and profit is the priority’ will court failure and break the trust of Visitors and Community Members. To this end, we will run the Well Being Shows at cost or if necessary, subsidise the 2020 events.

Ian and I are committed to understanding the needs of Visitors. We have stayed in contact with venue management and are in full understanding of their present situations. We know the venues are ready for the purpose, and our confidence in the sites to meet or exceed all guidelines is without question.

We all should look to the future. There is little point in working with anything but facts at the time a show is given the green light. You will read nor hear speculation of working within the guidelines: until the instructions are known. One certainty is we will not be guided by any opinion other than the information received from direct contact with Visitors and Community. Of no importance to us is the thoughts and ideas of those who do not like the Well Being Shows or the success of The Well Being Shows.

For clarity:

The show format will be formulated from the answers received from emailed surveys.
We will offer superb table rates for Community Members.
The Well Being Shows will be run at cost or will be subsidised.
We will work not too, but well within Government guidelines at the time of the events.
There will be no speculation of any aspect of the shows:

Visitors and Community Members need to open emails from LizianEvents. The subject title will be: ‘Survey and Opinion’. You are asked to consider the importance of contributing by replying to the surveys. After all, The Well Being Shows are your shows and events. Make a significant contribution to how, why, where and when the shows will be organised.

Many Thanks
Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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