Another busy week at the LizianShop and working through the bookings for the next events. One question I am asked is ‘Do the shows have any hope of going ahead?’ my answer is ‘Yes! We do believe the shows have a good chance of opening the doors’.

We have received several conflicting emails about regulations and how the events MUST be organised. The critical factor is the information is ‘advisory’, and it is the local authorities who have the last final word. It is the local councils who agree to the risk assessment: and we have to follow their guidelines: in other words, the risk assessment has to be within the authorities parameters.

If anyone believes for one second that we would endanger Visitors or Community by planning a Well Being Event without considering every aspect of the venture: they are idiots. Anywho think we would spend time and money to create an event without the probability of it fulfilling the local government’s criteria is delusional.

Let’s be clear:

As organisers, we have to pay for the venue and promote the event. These are our overheads, and the money is spent in the hope that people will book to stand and attend the show. If no one books then we have to pick up the loss. Here is the way of sound business: For example: In a shop, we rent the premises and buy the stock: if no one buys the goods then the company fails. If we expect customers or Community Members to pay upfront to fund the shows, suddenly they have become shareholders in the enterprise: then they would be forfeit of the overheads. A good business has a plan, and adequate funding works for profit, keeps a reserve of funds and insists on earning profits. Therefore, there has to be a fair chance the event would proceed before investing money into the venue and promotion.

I’m not hiding the from the old adage: “We have to speculate to accumulate”. However, protecting the Community’s stand fee’s is significant to us: this is why we have not asked for deposits or stall fees at this stage. Anywho believe or suggest the planning of an event in this challenging and testing time is focussed on greed: I’ll reply ‘where is your evidence’.

The Secure Future Means Making and Taking Difficult Decisions:

We make and take difficult decisions. We make and take these decisions for the long term benefit of those who trust us to provide exemplary service. If you want us to allow people not to pay for the stands: not to turn up and let every Community Member down: allow crossover of goods: allow other organisers to take up valuable floor time and promote their shows: then we will fail (for the same reasons as organisers have failed in the past). Our objective is to provide as best an event as possible. And give Community Members the platforms to promote their work and activities.

These are our objectives: And if we can give Community Members a chance to promote their work and communicate with their clients and customers, we will do so. And we will work within the available guidelines to fulfil this objective.

So, be clear in your mind. We are working with the show-grounds who have tens of years of understanding. They know and work with the authorities who will make the final choices. Those who think we are planning to open the doors by breaking the law or flaunting regulations are not clear about the structure of the present rules. We can assure you our risk-assessments will be agreed by the local authorities and the owners of the venues.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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