Thank You: Today I wish to say thank you. The LizianEvents Facebook Group is growing every day. We are over 1400 members healthy, up to date and very active in content and interaction. The LizianEvents Facebook page is 2300 friends strong, up to date and highly engaged. LizianEvents News is seeing 300+ visitors each day.

People asking to take part in podcasts and submitting articles is growing every day. Community Members who contribute their time and those who make submissions confirm they are gaining connections from using the platforms.

I wish to be clear: The months which have passed between original lockdown and second lockdown must now be seen as a crevasse between clients and customers. Only by using a central pool of information can Community Members keep connected. We fulfil this need.

Anyone using LizianEvents Well Being connections will gain visibility to people who are interested in the Well Being genre. Anyone using the facility demonstrates to visitors and customers they care AND that they continue to work in the best interest in their client’s customers and friends.

Be sure the road to recovery is steep and requires dedicated effort. Asking people too ‘just return’ as if nothing has happened is impossible. And there is (rightfully) serious concern about the format of events. Visitors MUST be sure the facilities and dedication to upholding the highest guidelines and standards are adhered too and exceeded. We will fulfil this obligation.

Visitors, Clients and Customers will expect value for money. Great information conduits. Brilliant venues and facilities. Ian and I are dedicated to fulfilling the criteria. The Well Being Brand must be seen as THE yardstick for others to follow. Consider our track record of providing the best of venues and the most competitive pricing structure of stand and stall fees. Do not forget the added protection of stall fee safety. Although one should know, when stand fees are returned, there is a fair five-pound admin fee. Be sure we have repaid all who have asked for refunds for all events in full, less the admin fee.

So the equation is:

Best Venues: Best stall prices: Best money safety. Do not fall under any illusion. Visitors will be watching every penny during the coming months. And so will Community Members and Stallholders. If you wish to have the best opportunity to cover overheads and expenses: you’ll have to begin with competitive stand fees ~ we provide this: end of the story. And if you wish to increase numbers of customers coming to your stand: you will have to use every facility available: social media, your email lists, and self-promotion.

We have to bridge the crevasse:

Eight months is a very long time indeed. No doubt, no doubt at all, our constant Visitor awareness worked a month ago at Newark Well Being Market. The number of customers came to the market because of the continuous flow of daily connections. And today, our Visitors acknowledge the brilliant contributions made by Community Members to daily LizianEvents News articles.

We know for sure:

Visitors are coming onto LEN and spending hours looking through the 1350 different articles. There are 130 podcasts: one hundred twenty videos and Submissions about every possible genre of wellbeing. Nothing can touch our platform, anywhere in the world: this is a fact. And as the platform grows, so will the awareness of The LizianEvents Well Being Brand.

Take advantage of the facilities:

Use them to your advantage: Keep on Connecting to your clients and customers. Show clients and customers, you are working despite the setbacks and restrictions. Because anyone who demonstrates dedication to their client’s fortitude and commitment to shows, demonstrate caring and see a positive future bound by successful attitude. Visitors want to see progress, and they need to be reassured you are working for their needs and desires.

Many people will discover the first extended lockdown, and now a second lockdown in the darkness of winter has damaged many people’s confidence. These people need reassurance if they are to come to any event in the future. Total professionalism, dedication to safety, exceeding of guidelines and bright and purpose-built facilities are part of the future: as are connections, information and professionalism.

Using the facilities we offer is free:

No charges are made for using our platforms. A one-day zoom style ‘show’ is ok on the day. But what is needed is 24/7/365 attention to detail and connections. Use the facilities to keep in touch with the people who will help you to survive and prosper as we move into the future.

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

More Information: Use the Contact Form:


  1. A very good piece.

    No-one knows what the post Covid world will look like for MBS events, or when restrictions will end.
    Will there be a huge bounce back, as there was of crowds to football matches after the leagues were suspended during the second world war? Or will it be like greyhound racing where time has moved on and a rump remains?

    There are some clues. The demand for Mediumship Readings has remained, with one to one personl meetings and remote Zoom / Facetime / Whatsapp etc connections a blossoming and emerging force. Online delivery of goods / shopping has exploded. Pre Covid, the appeal of Festival style events had continued to grow, from music, literary to food and specialist. People want to be entertained, and stimulated. Even at horse racing, live music by name bands was becoming a feature of spring and summer events.
    The demise of the High Street, shopping malls and covered permanent markets ( though not their death) provides a considerable opportunity for event organisers. Once Intu have secured M&S, H&M, Beaverbrooks, Vue Cinemas, and Nandos etc into theor malls, that is it. They are stuck. That is their sales proposition.

    Lizian have been fleet of foot in rebranding the MBS Fairs into Markets, simply to exist. All MBS events and organisers have a fantastic chance to shape their events to meet the post Covid world. That may involve significant change on the part of organisers and stall holders in what is being offered. Lizian’s constant interface and exchange of ideas puts them in a better place than most to respond to that.

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