I wonder what I’ll be writing in twelve months? Will we be celebrating a year of prosperity and success? Or will the sentiment be less attractive?

Well, I can write the sentiments for a year ahead ‘We have had a great year, and every one of us has a reason for celebration’: How can I make this statement? Because I am sure, everyone who works toward rebuilding their future will have had to work ten times as hard to promote and fine-tune their businesses in 2021.

We will have to offer better value for money and better service than any preceding year. We will have to come together and work to a common purpose with one-hundred-and one-percent commitment. There will be no half measures or half-hearted attempts of business practice. And second best will not be good enough.

I’m committed to running all events at as near to cost as is safe for the longterm health of our businesses. We see this as encouragement for people to work with us with a mutual commitment to help Visitors return to the events. We have to work together to a common purpose. And it seems sensible to help Community Member and Stallholders cover overheads and make a profit. For anyone working in the ‘events’ arena, it seems reasonable to question high stall fee’s in uncharted territory: Careful consideration of value and return on investment is the appears to be sensible for the year ahead.

We will encourage people to stand together. To do this, we will book more venues, venues designed for the purpose, and open the reach of our Visitor base. By providing these facilities with an affordable stand fee, extensive talk and presentation schedules, Visitors will see value for money and security.

And these are the reasons all involved in the Well Being and Pure Spirit will be able to say in a year ‘We have had a successful year’. All of us know the feeling of success when we are rewarded for our efforts. Never has there been a better time to acknowledge we are beginning again. We can redesign the future and reinforce the good aspects of the past. We all can be at the forefront of the changes and new beginnings.

It seems essential to consider and accept the hard work ahead. Becoming prepared for the effort and potential setbacks will help us to forge ahead to the future. We have a superb platform for all of us to use to great advantage. Many people are reading your articles and watching podcasts and videos. A great many people: for examples: Lisa Davies, Claire Hegarty, Dr Don Harradine, Kirsty Wood, Iza Moon, Debbie Ison, Angela Barker, Rick Paul, Rose Best, Peter and Di Wall John Richardson, and Barrie John are active members who support LizianEvents News and the ethos of the Well Being Brand. There is no other promotional platform like this one, and it is accurate to write, anyone who uses the facilities available will gain followers.

I’m hoping in two weeks the Lincolnshire Well Being Market will open its doors. We have a substantial list of attending Community Members and Stallholders wanting to stand at the market. And the enthusiasm for the market is reflected in Visitor interest. Although we had a setback in early November, we continued to promote and pursue the Well Being Market, and we are hoping the12 + 13 of December Well Being Market will go ahead. Although, as we must acknowledge nothing is set in stone.

The Epic Centre at The Lincolnshire Show Ground is purpose-built for the market. Big and spacious with extensive facilities, far greater than the market needs. Ample parking, and positioned far from built-up areas The Epic Centre ticks every box for a safe and secure indoor market. Although tier 3 does present problems: we will see how the local authorities and SAG feel about the disappointing introduction to the tier system.

You can be assured: if the Tier 3 allocation allows us to go ahead, every guideline will be exceeded. And we’ll continue to do everything needed to promote: if the outcome is that the Well Being Market cannot open: everyone will know we have done our level best to make it happen.

Everyone who supports the Well Being Market is not only working towards their future: they are also demonstrating the extraordinary power of human grit and desire for success and happiness. We will continue to promote and keep Visitor awareness at its maximum possible. Be assured we will reinvest and keep the Well Being brand bright and alive. I know many hundreds of people are supporting The Community at this time.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, and I’ll keep everyone up to date with more bulletins this week.

Stay Safe:

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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