Happy New Year to you all: a year which will be tough and exhausting. Before continuing, I must acknowledge being influenced by the New Year’s Eve post and furthering the viewpoint. My feeling is, we must accept a year of hard work and bridge-building ahead. Each of us will have to assess the choices we make carefully because every action will impact the future. We will have to work like never before to rebuild a demolished way of life and fragile society. Anyone who does not realise cohesion and cooperation is paramount to their future is wearing illusion glasses.

Frankly, I’m tired of hearing ‘we are in this together’ ~ an excuse of apathy. My mission statement is ‘I’ll provide every opportunity to help people who need help’. Ian and I will help people we work with to find a foothold to climb to future success. In every crisis, some people become involved in helping others, and many do not: we are not all in this together, and the phrase should not be used as an excuse for not ‘going the extra mile’ or not rising above the mundane. If we can help and demonstrate higher values and ethos, this is how we rise above the excuse. For example, we have used resources to help the community: refund deposits and stall fees and keep people connected. We have made profits in the past which we are prepared to invest in the Communities and Stallholders future.

We are committed to providing the best-priced stalls in the finest of venues. And we will run our events at the lowest of margins to help people return to profit. Do not think you’ll have to pay excessive prices to stand at our events. And make no mistake, you will NOT be asked to pay upfront for months ahead and then lose money if the event does not go on. No ONE who booked with us during 2020 lost money. And we pledge to ‘keep your money safe’.

Do not think we will not book new venues and expand the reach of events organised by our businesses. There is every intention to gain a bigger audience and Visitor base. We see this as the best time to promote our Well Being Brand. There is every intention to build upon the foundations laid over the last year.

Great Venues ~ The Best Facilites

LizianEvents News has been and will continue to be a non-stop conduit between Community, Stallholders and Visitors. As you will have seen, this week has rekindled the ‘Meet the Community’ posts, and this will continue for the next few months. Anyone who wishes to promote their work, services and products on LEN can do so without charge. If you have spot product sales or special offers: Put them onto LizianEvents Facebook Group hit the buttons, tap the keys, sell, share and promote on the LizianEvents Facebook Group.

Visitors will see an improved LEN format over the next few weeks. Already we see 8000+ Visitors each month: and we intend to increase the circulation and reader base. Every Event Page will have an updated format and Attending Community Listings on each page will be more in-depth and complete. Videos and Podcasts will enjoy even more excellent coverage and design.

Pure Spirit Events will also enjoy a new and updated page. It is worth looking at the Pure Spirit Brand. Barrie John upholds the same ethos and values as LizianEvents, and he also embellishes the need to offer great venues and sensibly priced stand fees. Anyone who has an interest in these shows should email me for more information. The Pure Spirit Shows are centred on spiritual healing, knowledge and wisdom. A great talk and demonstration schedule is an essential aspect of The Pure Spirit Shows and events. And watch out for a Pure Spirit Festival during the summer. There is plenty to look forward to: either as a Visitor or attending as a stallholder: real magic will happen.

We will be there for you. And you can be sure we’ll do everything possible to invest in your future. Yes! Some do not like our methods of clarity, staying within the parameters of our foundational document, and openness. But these principles have provided all who work with us a real feeling of financial security. We do not have to beg or plead for support, because our actions are transparent, decent and honest. No one has to like us! Indeed, I encourage criticism and opposing points of view: this is the only way to improve our work.

Well Being Means: LizianEvents

Recently, many supporters showed concern about an internet post which suggested: people were afraid to offer opposing views or question our work. The post implied that people were frightened to have an opinion, or question our decisions because, if they did so, we would prevent them from attending or standing at the events! Allow me to clarify: 100 people can’t have the same idea about a single subject. The Lincoln Well Being Show enjoys an attending Community number of 100+ individual businesses. (Not table numbers). All who attend cannot have the same or indeed aligned opinion. For the potential of our working together to be realised, we have to accept this fact of human integration. Grown adults know, to thrive; they have to work to a common purpose: and rise above personal agenda. Our purpose is for people to find ways to become a Well Being: not ways for people to conflict.

young diverse colleagues working remotely together

We Do Not Have to Agree to Thrive!

Unquestionably, Community and Stallholders do not believe every Visitor hold’s the same views or standpoints as their own. Nor do Ian and I think everyone agrees with our methods. Indeed, Ian and I do not have the same opinions about many aspects of this present situation. We do not agree on every aspect of the running of the businesses we work for: how could we do so and thrive? Learning to understand and accepting people’s points of view is how we grow as human beings. Argument is how successful futures and great potentials are destroyed. Therefore, it is our feeling encouraging healthy debate is an excellent policy, and if there is criticism, we have an opportunity to air our views and, of more importance, change them if warranted. 

The platforms are not used to influence anyone: the platforms are here to promote The Well Being Brand and those involved in its success. Everyone can (and is encouraged) to use the media to put forward their viewpoints and promote their work. (So long as there is no personal sleight or vindictiveness). There are 1500 articles on LEN, and all are positive, and wellbeing focused. The Well Being Brand is about supporting the people who attend the events: it is not about supporting the directors who work for the company. And I know this is difficult for some to grasp: however, this is the reality. As is the fact, the Community are a growing number of people who understand the ethos of the Well Being events. The Community and attending stallholders are the events: full stop.

If the Community are to thrive during the coming years: there is a need to focus on the future. Keep in mind the immense task ahead. All of us will have to meet and exceed the authorities’ guidelines: and the hurdles presented by the unprecedented crisis. To my mind, there are over one-hundred people who have businesses, services, therapies and spiritual gifts and skills which are much needed for us to return to a free and open society. We can meet this challenge: we are not: all in the same boat: we are lifeboats in a storm, and there are many people we are tasked to rescue from their fear’s and insecurites.

waves crashing on rock near mountains during datyime

Stormy Waters Ahead

I have every confidence, Community Members, both established and new, can meet and exceed this monumental challenge. We have a year ahead of us to set our destiny for the next decade. Whatever we do within our community will help us all to become Well Beings. We can navigate many lost people away from present storms, and we can support the lost during their uncertainties. None of us can have the same opinions or beliefs: but we could, at this time, evaluate the bigger picture, we could see beyond our agendas and realise there are many we can help to become Well Beings. We have to become: generous, kind, and selfless: anything less is unacceptable.

Make this New Year the most important one you’ll ever live.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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