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We have enjoyed a busy week stripping out the LizianShop: an exercise which has proven a greater task than first anticipated, but will reap benefits in the coming months.

LizianShop: LizianEvents Ltd

Sad Outcome of The Crisis

While delving into the hidden depths of the shelves behind the counter, we discovered stock which had become long forgotten. The items do not have significant value or are of much interest to present customers: so we decided to give them to charity. 

We thought the exercise would take a week. It looks like we’ll be finished in two. Not because of the quantity of stock or state of the stall: no, we have decided to change the format of the stall. No revealing of secrets yet: but there will be significant changes for customers to see when we reopen. Ian and I look forward to seeing if the difference will be loved or not by our customers. However, we feel it is essential to move ahead and change is good.

Why Bother?

A few people have watched us working during the week. Not customers, market traders who are ‘essential businesses’ continue to sell from different areas. And it is surprising how many have wondered why we are doing this work. ‘Why bother to do that?: you are wasting your time’ is the sentiment. We smile and think about the fact we have prospered over our fifteen years at the market by NOT following their advice. An old school trader told me in the first week of trading: ‘You have no hope: You’ll not last a month selling rocks. She is long gone along with many of her ilk. Times change and the future is in using the internet streams. And no doubting the standard of service has made many great friends and loyal customers who are the reason for our success. And whatever we do today is for tomorrow’s customers and worth every second of effort. And every hour spent changing the way the business works and looking to the future is not wasted we are investing in OUR furture. The answer to ‘Why bother?’ is ‘We care’.

LizianShop: LizianEvents Ltd

Any Future? We Must Continue

Those who do not take advantage of the lockdowns waste valuable time which can never be gained again. Of course, some people think we’ll be in a lifelong lockdown situation. Well, best of luck with that attitude. I’m not a blind optimist, but I’m confident we’ll not be here forever and I sure anyone who keeps fit and well-minded will have the advantage over those who hope for the best. Because, as any clear-minded thinker knows, hope can be a place where future flounders.


We can hope to be rescued from an ordeal or move to visible and accessible places of safety. One can choose to see the worse or understand the possibilities. Move or stagnate. Fight or flee. Ian loves to say: ‘At the last garrison: there is only the will to win and available reserves remaining. Keep fighting until there is nothing left’. The first time I listened to him say this, I questioned the idea: Was he antagonistic? What did his words say about him? Sixteen years later: I know the terms are statements of intent. There is no fear for the future, only an acknowledgement of capacity and capability. When an ordeal is over many sit in a daze. It is not because of failure: they have won the day, despite the odds (the last garrison). To my mind, the extra effort is worth the possibility of victory: to hide will always mean a life of ‘what ifs’.

Lizian mindset is dedicated to acting in ways which have a beneficial outcome. There can be no compromise to the objective. We are in a ‘situation’, and we can choose to focus on a ‘situation’ we can do little about, or act in the best possible way to stay visible (the objective). And we have to work for the future and to do this we have to be active. Therefore, few will see the work carried out at the LizianShop in the Victoria Market today. But many will know the outcome in the days ahead. And customers will see the progress as being to their benefit. And our endeavours will continue without looking back: the future is where success is to be discovered.

Because We Can

If you are lost or feeling despondent forget looking for the faults in other people. Forget blaming people for your plight. See what you can do for yourself this week. Have a week of selfness: say the things you want to say: act in the way you wish to perform. Become a teenager again: see the world of possibilities, not the ways of failure. Listen to your old music tracks: connect to the prosperous times. Rethink your mind-map when someone says: ‘Why bother?’ answer ‘Because I can and because I want to enjoy my future’.

You do not have to be right: nor do you have to concede to bullies and ‘told you so’s’: If ever there was a time for you to see how fragile our society and existence: it is now. This crisis is NOT a lesson; it is an event. The worse real-life horror film in which you’ll ever star. One can choose to fight the demon, sleigh the dragon or become part of the sequel in writing: and one which may never be produced.

At the end of this film: when the theatre lights are turned up, you can either stay and watch the credits or walk out without acknowledging who made the production a success. The story cannot be observed, read or listened to without those who record the events’ sequence or take part in the production. In other words, those who act and become part of the event. It is easy to comment, criticise and find fault: it is far more challenging to make and take action without fear of the outcome.

Whatever you decide to do, how you choose to act, whichever part you feel fits the persona. It will be seen as your contribution. Words are cheap and easily questioned. Actions require effort and determination. Consider the future with care and never think time and effort committed to the future is wasted.

Liz – Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. These are remarkable times.

    Everything has changed. Nothing has changed.

    The pandemic has affected everyone’s lives. A once in a century event. How cause of death is decided, how NHS resources are deployed, how vaccines developed and work are issues many now have a view on, whereas before they were peripheral to most people’s everyday lives.

    Education has been disrupted, livelihoods destroyed, ways of doing things shifted.

    Yet human’s are resilient. We tend to muddle through, and survive. We are adaptable. After WW2, much of Japan and Germany had been laid waste, a tranche of the Jewish community annihilated. But Germany, Japan and Israel are amongst the most prosperous and successful nations in the 21st century. People, and countries, have had to deal with far worse than this pandemic.

    There is much talk of grand plans, great opportunities, and exciting projects, and there is a place for them. There is also a place for simply being around for tomorrow.

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