While sorting crystals this week, I realised we would have to begin to sell stock on Facebook live’s. I have resisted this because many other people are selling on Facebook and our work is focussed on LizianShop and LizianEvents. The reality is we have to cover overheads, and therefore we have decided to have a Facebook live every Thursday evening beginning on Thursday the 6th of February.

It seems the present situation cannot have a defined ending point. Therefore we will have to use every resource available to cover overheads, support this site and promote our work. My advice to everyone with a business who wants to have a chance of survival in the coming months is to take advantage of everything available.

If you are in business, spend your money wisely and learn about self-promotion. Nothing will stop the breakdown of faith in society and the future better than apathy and negative thinking. One has to understand one’s assets and abilities and hone them to the sharpest of edge. Ian and I have every intention of stepping up the promotion and visibility of our work. And we will use every facility to keep our businesses alive.

LizianShop: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

We have seventeen years of experience selling crystals and minerals: and we are in our seventh year of building our events business. There is a wealth of knowledge which can be tapped into, and none will be wasted: many people reading this will also have a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, tap into your resources and make sure customers and clients know you are still working.

Connecting Community is our objective, pledge and foundation. Even a casual glance of our social media streams will evidence how many connections being made: And within this message is another: it is, sharing your work on our platforms, particularly LizianEvents Group and here on LEN. There are thousands of visits to our sites each week use them to best advantage: use every promotion stream possible.

We should be in no doubt the battering every aspect of society is enduring is immense: and we have grown accustomed to the situation. If you could review your life 12 months ago and compare it to the present: I doubt you’d cope with the differences in one hit: your mind would be decimated, wellbeing shattered. Do not fall prey to complacency: the need is to act and act now. Do not think you’ll pick up from where you left off twelve months ago. And remember the internet, emails, and strong social media connections can be used to your advantage.

LizianShop: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

With significant reservations, my message is to use everything to keep awareness of your work or lose all traction. With great reservations? Yes: I write ‘with significant reservations’ because I do not wish my message to be interpreted as negative. My reservations are: by writing this article, I’m suggesting we are in an almost reconcilable situation, and people will not fare well in the future. No doubt there will be many who will take years before confidence returns to venture out without fear of disease. And there will be many who have already ‘given-up’ and will blame the ‘Covid Years’ for all their woes. And I’m sure many people will agree that the situation is bleak for millions weakened by the course of the last year. However, it is essential to be optimistic and keep on working for the future. Even a single positive social media post can be beneficial.

As readers and friends know, my way is to keep working and doing everything possible to stay visible. I’m also aware people are judged by their words: my opinions are explicit: if you are in business: use whatever means you can to keep people aware of your existence.

I look forward to the first Facebook live where I’ll be talking about crystals, my work and offering exceptional specimens for sale. In the meantime, we’ll keep on working with our catalogue shop: website shop and LizianEvents promotions.

Liz Clark
LizianEvents Ltd


  1. A very good read.

    Sometimes life, and business, is just about survival.

    Our country will have changed when restrictions have lifted. We are experiencing as a society the greatest shock in 105 years. WW1, The Spanish Flu, the Great Depression and WW2 are the other contenders over that period. Already more have died Covid related deaths than UK civilian casualties during WW2.

    Sometimes life isn’t about grand plans- but about making it through.
    We not only will have to deal with a post Covid world, but a post Brexit one. I have friends who regularly import crystals from the Eu (France) and the USA. The costs of doing so have increased significantly. Adjustments for all who import will be needed.

    The good news is that demand for Spiritual / Well Being services has never been higher. Trade will always be happening. How we do things, may be different.

    • Thank you, Gary: Good points: The biggest issue with import from USA and China is freight costs have increased 4fold! Liz worked in airline freight for years and her son is involved with worldwide freight: so we know the issue with the freight price increase. We haven’t encountered too many issues with the two imports made from Germany and France I mention this so people do not become afraid to continue to trade with the EU. And not blame worldwide fright increase on Brexit: C19 is the issue with many freight cost-burdened imports: Ian

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