Booking forms for the 2021 events are now ready, and requests are coming in for stands. Visitor response is, as expected, phenomenal. We are looking forward to putting the Well Being Markets together. It an amazing feeling to know The Community influence’s the many hundreds of people who love the events.

There will always be a few who don’t not like our methods. The openness and clarity can be misinterpreted as some form of smoke-screen. However, to run a Community-driven organisation, transparency is essential. For example, it’s fine to sign a contract when the sun is shining and then read the small print when the rain falls: only to discover the cards are marked in the dealer’s favour.


We will always be clear about our terms and conditions. And we will always point out the areas of our contracts which are of utmost importance to understand. I cannot account for the times we have stated LizianEvents Ltd is not a charity. We run the LizianEvents business with integrity and honesty: our opinion is we work for the business: and decisions are made for the belong term success of LizianEvents. I know this is very difficult to understand: but this is why LizianEvents is a secure entity. All bills are paid and most often paid well ahead of the due date: we honour the binding principals of the foundational document. Therefore, people have to fulfil their agreements with the business: and this will sometimes be misunderstood.

Yesterday, a social media comment regarding our £5 administration fee on returned fees resulted in this reply ‘So if 100 people book for a show and you refund their money: less the £5 you’ll gain £500 NOT A BAD DAY’s Work’! Although the administration fee is not just the act of returning the money, is it? There are the hours of work putting together the event; thousands spent on our websites, social media, etc. The £5 is a minor contribution to the organisation of the event. And if we are seen to be greedy over this figure, that is the way life is: there has to be an exchange for our life hours. And do people work without wages? But I’ll leave you with this fact: some have offered just half of the stand fee paid when demands for fees are requested. I’d bet you they would have preferred the £5 (tax-deductible) admin fee. And the administration fee is not ours to keep: it is there to keep LizianEvents Ltd financially healthy and secure.

While writing about social media comments, I take the opportunity to clarify why Ian and I will always robustly reply to any comment, whether good or bad. We live in a society where (fortunately) individuals can clarify their viewpoint. And if any of us chooses to make a comment or ask a question: then the individual or organisation concerned has the opportunity to reply. And even the simplest question can need an extensive answer. No room for doubts or poor interpretation. Spell the answer out and reply to comments, including further insight: will always be our policy: it is essential to protect LizianEvents Ltd and not jeopardise its future.

We (The Community and Exhibitors) are making progress and begin to see the rewards for our endeavours: Visitors are showing immense interest in the shows. Already we can sense the uplifting feelings of many people. And yes: there is a possibility our hopes will be dashed. But we have to rise in hope, not fall in despair. Our work is future driven and working to the future means venturing into the unknown. If there are setbacks, then the brave accept the challenge, and the pessimist fears the unknown. I prefer to see the summit and will, if necessary, begin the climb time and again. Nothing will prevent us from returning to the quest, no matter what the restrictions.

We All Know of Difficult Times

Many of us have endured the hardest of times. We have known situations where we felt there was no way out. Tears are shed, and hearts are broken: but family, true friends and allies give us the purpose to fight to survive. Within every episode, some do not like how or why we proceed: even after they have left the arena. They cannot accept we have moved on: they continue to attempt to validate their part in the ‘past moment’.

One aspect few see is the vindictive individual is controlled by the person or situation they hate. In certainty, the victim owns the assailant. He or she controls their assailant’s life. This is why I choose to accept whatever the result of any life experience. I do not see verbal or vindictive statements as anything of consequence. But, do not believe I would allow the life hours invested in my work to be damaged or demeaned.

I write these words because it is important for everyone to understand Ian, and I will do everything necessary for the survival and prosperity of LizianEvents Ltd. Anyone who demeans the business is potentially damaging the success of The Community. We know our work and ethos is difficult for some people to understand. And I know (from many conversations) some people infer our intentions are false. Indeed I know some have named us liars and thieves. Although, not one accuser wishes to announce their information publicly. Nothing stays silent for long: remember, the only way a secret is kept is when no-one is left to talk about the secret! There are no secrets in the running of LizianEvents Ltd.

I would sooner write my thoughts. The reader then has insight into the intention. We are about to enter a new phase of our futures. I wish all who work together in our enterprise to understand: never has there been a more important time for solidarity. Working together for mutual success is a worthy goal. We cannot allow anything to undermine these most fragile new beginnings: together, we have a future. And those who see a different way ahead, let them follow their design. We will follow ours, and nothing will take us away from our objective: success for all who are part of The Well Being Events. And Ian and I will continue to work for LizianEvents Ltd and work in the business’s best interest. And we will do everything to protect its reputation and future.

Booking forms for the 2021 events are now ready, and requests are coming in for stands. Visitor response is, as expected, phenomenal. We are looking forward to putting the Well Being Markets together. It an amazing feeling to know The Community influence’s the many hundreds of people who love the events.

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

Join Us – There is an incredible future ahead:

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