Four days of working to at the market to re-open the market tomorrow (Monday 12th 2021). It has been great to see the traders preparing for the opening market. Sadly many have close over the last year and will not return. Challenging to see many years of work coming to a sad conclusion in just over a year.


Re-Opening 12:04:21

I realise how many compromises we will have to make on this long return journey. However, it seems essential that we work hard to accept the limitations and start the ball rolling. 

We have become used to many limitations. We do not realise how much different the world is today from where it was fortune months ago. But, I have noticed this week: it is people’s readiness to find solutions to problems and even more interesting is the willingness to accept the compromises.

I believe many people will visit LizianShop on Monday because they can and because they can meet Ian and me. And do not make the mistake of thinking our market stall will be a social gathering centre. We take responsibility for staying within guidelines and agreed-upon parameters very seriously.

From the feedback I’m receiving from Visitors and the Community, the Newark Well Being Market is seen as a landmark event. And as mentioned on many occasions, everyone understands the limitations we’ll have to work to. However, the general consensus is The Well Being Market is an opening to the year ahead. And, in truth, essential for so many people’s sanity.

On Tuesday Ian will be making an important announcement about the presentations given at The Well Being Market. I feel it will be seen as innovative. And for those who share the presentations, the format is a fantastic opportunity to promote their work. The planning for this aspect of the Well Being Market has been worked on since January, and we could not announce the new format until one) it has been tested. And two) it had been agreed by planning. In the long term, the new form will offer an incredible opportunity for anyone who makes presentations at our events.

I’m keeping this Sunday thought’s short. Simply because time has been lacking this week. There is plenty to organise at LizianShop, and work on LizianEvents is at the moment full of questions.

And because there are many people asking questions: I would guide you to open the emails we send out over the next two weeks. It is essential to keep up to date with The Newark Well Being Market and the event calendar’s progress.

So enjoy your week. Significant changes are coming to us over the following months. Stay clear-minded and away from negative attitudes.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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