Hello Everyone:

There is no need to revisit the success of last weekends Lincolnshire Well Being Market. Although, I have asked Ian to include the Community comments video, which went out on Thursday. Ian has more testimonials which will be used to produce another video at another time.

I have recently sent out a Community circular, and I have received very positive comments on the idea. We need to expand the interest in the Well Being Brand, and art has consistently been recognised as an essential aspect of wellbeing. Therefore, we asked if the Community would be happy if we offered a lower stand fee for artists who wish to display and sell their work. It is clear artists have to build a following at the Well Being Events. And as we know, specific artistic styles, therefore their first attendances, may have no return. I will wait for a few more opinions on this idea before announcing a special stand fee for artists.

I’m overwhelmed with interest in the Newark Well Being Market in July. No doubt this will be a well-attended event. Visitors and the Community are really getting a feel for the format and changes being made to the structure of the events. And the Community message is spreading. People are really seeing the advantages of the Group and LizianEvents News connections. One must accept we are making headways, and the group’s influence is making waves and extending countrywide. Thanks go out to everyone who is expressing interest in the Newark and Staffordshire Well Being Events.

A big announcement next week for Pure Spirit! At last, we have a date and a solid format to announce. And be sure, Barrie’s Pure Spirit Event will be extraordinary indeed. Barrie, Ian and I have spent many hours drinking coffee and talking about how the event should be organised. So be confident this will be a different event and will become a yardstick for others to follow.

I’m asked about the extension to the roadmap and if it will affect future events. At this moment, the answer must be ‘No’ – an extension to the present rules will not affect our progress. Remember (If there is a two-week extension), and this is a big ‘if’. It will not influence our present situation: there is no indication of changing the current rules or guidelines.

So: I’ll leave you with the testimonial video and see you all next week.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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