A new month and the year is three-quarters over!

So many people have worked so hard to move ahead from the damage done over the last months behind. And many are now realising this is no easy journey. Never before has there been so much need for mutual promotional and sharing. For people to prosper, they need to realise the implications of working with others. Do not doubt groups are the way forward. When an individual becomes an active member of a group, they instantly gain more followers. Review LizianEvents Group Here.

Climb Mountains to See The Stars

I remember the clear night sky in Arizona. And remember thinking how we have to travel to gain a clear view of the stars. Only when the smog of the towns and cities is left far behind, do we see the millions of stars and galaxies most often unseen. This is an idea that can be considered when working toward our futures. As we climb to the summit, the stars of hopes and inspiration become insight. We only need a flickering of what is available to seek the whole vista. So if your mountain seems difficult to ascend: keep ongoing. The success desired will be all the greater for the hard work involved.

One Small Star

The point is your desire can be small, but a difficult pursuit of the objective can make it bigger and better than expected. It is almost as if the dedication attracts greater opportunities. And one has to ‘feel’ the possibility as real and attainable. It is no use writing a desire on a piece of paper! One has to work towards fulfilling the goal actively. And people see the effort and prefer to align themselves with those who work hard to succeed.

In the future, few will become associated with greed and money centred activity. We have had enough of the selfishness and greed of authority. And this exasperation with the acts of the establishment will affect those who follow a similar pattern. At the same time, we cannot change the acts of powerful people. There will be a choice not to work with any who seem to take without compromise or due consideration of their customers.

aurora borealis

It is worth the effort to see possibilities

The New Month

I prefer to take short steps. And I have always considered fulfilling an objective each month of the year. I focus carefully on a specific main goal from the beginning of the month to the end. During July, my focus was to increase the range of stock at the LizianShop. And part of this was to look carefully at the items which were not selling and ask why? I realised some of the slow-moving lines were made from personal choices. (both Ian and I have a tendency to try out new lines!). When we have slow to sell items we’ll often sell them at cost or less than cost. We love to have a bargain basket and how quickly it empties.

The point is: everything has a defined value! When the value is exceeded then there will be no takers. We live in a world of comparisons and feedback. I wrote of this because many new Community Members are referring to the Well Being stand prices being reasonable. They are at the correct price for the present climate. Set so Community Members are in a comfortable place when working at a Well Being Event. A holistic therapist is in with a chance of enjoying the event their stand cost is 100 pounds. And Community Members who are retailers, counsellors and provide information all have the same advantage.

Promotion Promotion Promotion

So this month the central focus will be promotion. LizianEvents News will be used to its best advantage. Readers will be able to meet with Community Members by reading about their work and plans. We will use LizianEvents Group Here. and LizianEvents Facebook Page to bring maximum awareness to Well Being Brand Visitors. And of course, the email list will inform of updates and Attending Community lists. I’m looking forward to the promotion and heightening awareness of the Well Being Events.

Any of you who wish to join LizianEvents Group can use it to their advantage: Do not forget: even if you are not a Community Member you can still promote your endeavours.

Have a great week – See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. Another good piece.
    The good news is that there is a huge reservoir of pent up demand for MBS shows and live events generally which the wise will capitalise upon for the last quarter of the year.
    The evidence is clear, people will attend events in large number that inspire them in all sectors of the events industry.
    We are faced with two key challenges.
    1. How can we expand our visitor base beyond the existing one?
    2. How can we make the proposition of visiting our shows irresistible to both veteran show goers and the uninitiated?

    Vox populi, vox dei. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Visitor numbers determine our collective futures.It is absolutely right that our focus should be on promotion.

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