Thank you to Samantha for looking after LizianShop while we were away for a few days this week. Kent was always beautiful, and the gods blessed us with super weather. I’m also like to thank Mr Travel Lodge for providing a brilliant last-minute deal.

There is something extraordinary about ‘drop of the hat’ short breaks. There is no preplanning or thoughts on where to stay or where the location of the destination. We tap the keys, see what is available and book the hotel based on price. Although, we were again fortunate, as one of our favourite retreats had both room and deals!

We started the week with my birthday. The room was soon full of cards, birthday cards and a bag full of presents awaited opening. And many, many thanks to the 300+ Facebook friends who sent best wishes on the various media streams. 

The first port of call was Ramsgate, and we walked along the sea wall out to the harbour light. Plenty of wind, no rain and a good bright day. The junk arch was closed: its proprietor ‘Jim’ had succeeded in travelling to the far east for his three-month break.

We spent some time walking in the old town. Like everywhere else, the crisis and economic setbacks have taken their toll, too many shops closed and even worse, the premises going into poor repair. I’d offer a contentious opinion here: landlords should be forced to keep the property up to an acceptable standard of restoration, even if the premises are without tenants. The reasoning is people are far more likely to visit high streets which look good, tidy and clean. 

I enjoyed a super day at Margate’s Turner Contemporary. Not only were the exhibits of great interest. The people who complied the exhibition are bang-on with the theme: exhibiting the work of local artists from every avenue of life. Particular interest was the reference to minority groups and health.

Images From Turner Contempory

Impressions are crucial at any time, but we have to work extra hard to keep people aware of our objectives at this time of recovery. It is essential to continue to promote shows, events and the Community who make them successful. Visitors will be reminded of The Community, their work, businesses, and objectives. There is no way we will allow the image of The Well Being Brand to become like a neglected high street! So, I remind Community Members reading this article, send in any new information about yourselves when time allows.

Bookings for the Well Being Events and Pure Spirit Shows are, in a word: Brilliant. We can feel the momentum growing. As already mentioned, one of the best indications of how the shows will work this year is the number of new people booking to stand. Not only this, many are booking every show on the calendar. I’m sure we have the balance right for 2022, and this is evident in the interest being seen.

Ian opens the shutter to the trading business tomorrow. He has built the website, and an Etsy shop is ready too. Internet awareness is essential for the success of the venture. Already I feel the idea is a winner. Ian has received plenty of donations, and already sales have been made (even though the stall is not officially open!).

Thank you for reading this short summary of our week. Monday marks the beginning of the 2022 trading year. And while many are wondering what to do: we are already running and ready to go. I feel the next twelve months will be seen as one of opportunities. And anyone who grasps the nettle and takes a chance on this future will reap the rewards. If you consider making changes or beginning new ventures: now seems to be a perfect time.

See You Soon
Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd


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