We cannot escape the fact a month has passed already. January, the month of eleven weeks. And in two weeks, we open the doors to the Newark Well Being Show (12 + 13 February – Newark Show Ground). We are looking forward to organising this important event.

I have already started sending out promotional emails to our lists. The figures are excellent: of the 8500 addresses on the list, over 23% open the first mail out in 12 hours! This is an astounding figure for anyone who knows about internet marketing and bodes well for the show.

Booking numbers are excellent we can be sure of a ‘full house’, which, of course, encourages Visitors to the show. The talks schedule is fresh and has plenty of new subjects and presenters. Another Visitor attraction.

We are seeing consistent trade at LizianShop. This indicates there is strong interest in the wellbeing genre. I have watched the relationship between shop sales and Visitors show interest with care over the years. Carol Wallace and I agree that shop sales are a good measure of the wellbeing concept. This is good news for all of us and the year ahead.

Stuart Kerry

Many thanks to my LizianShop Live guest Stuart Kerry. The whole show worked so very well. We had so much interaction from the audience and so many questions. This indicates how famous Stuart is within the Community and with the countrywide audience. He is a wealth of wellbeing knowledge. And Nottingham Reiki (Stuart’s Training Business) is as popular today as it was before the 2020 crisis: a sure testament to his understanding and ability?

Readers of my weekly thoughts are also beginning to interact. I receive questions and comments arising from every article. Of particular interest is many new Community Members join after reading articles here on LEN. Connections are working, and as always, I suggest that sending information to be published on LEN is a powerful way to promote your work and businesses.

So, everything we are working for is seeing substantial progress. Social media streams enjoy significant traffic, with new members joining every week. My gratitude for the work and effort of all of you who contribute to the Well Being Brand is beyond words, but not a day passes without thinking about how much The Community has attained.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
LizianEvents Ltd

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