Hello everyone, I hope you have has as good a week as mine! We have enjoyed a busy and interesting seven days. Trade at the market has slowed somewhat, for some this would be taken as a bad omen. For us we have taken the spare time to tidy the show guides and prepare up to date Community lists for The Lincolnshire Well Being Show; and make ready the talks and presentation schedules. Also the talk schedules have been prepared much earlier than usual, so the site page will be up to date on Tuesday, with information about every aspect of the show.

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Look Out For The Lincoln Talks Schedules Next Week

The numbers of new and diverse Community Members is testament to the evolution of the brand. I also have many new stand holders booked for the remainder of the years events. And with new members added to the existing lists the result can only be greater visitor numbers. Of great importance is the quality of the visitors. The marketing strategy is specific and one which is the result of reviewing email lists and analytics.

One of the most consistent and memorable comments made during this year’s events is about the growing numbers of new visitors. I see the efforts in promotion and awareness of the brand is also making traction in this important area.

Another aspect of promotion is the substantial amount of sharing of social media posts. I firmly believe this is also working to the benefit of our Community. I see Claud, Carol, Campbell, Angela, Brigitte, Kirstie, John, Peter & Di, Rick, Barrie, Sarah and many more are almost daily sharers of the many articles and advertisements arising from here (LEN) or directly from social media articles. Facebook and Instagram’s statistics are growing every month and the increasing numbers must, to some degree be due to the amazing ability to share relative posts. To all of you who share and promote articles and Well Being News I offer unreserved thanks and gratitude.

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Many of you have seen the addition of paid workshops at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Tavi with a ‘Wine is Wellbeing’ wine seminar and Buckso with her empowerment workshop. I feel both seminars will provide a welcome and additional facet to the format of show. I know paid workshops have been attempted before with mixed results. However, experience demonstrates that all were profitable for the presenters. Of course, it is essential to realise promotion is of paramount importance. I do not believe there is a shortage of attendees seeking knowledge in many areas of wellbeing. And paid seminars are there to fulfil a specialist need, workshops provide a different input by the presenter, as often they are providing unique knowledge learned over many years. In Tavi’s ‘Wine is Wellbeing’ seminar, he has to provide the wines to taste and glasses etc, costs which have to be covered. I feel there is great potential in the re-exploration of this area.

So, a busy week ahead: full community list details, the early talks and presentation schedule for the Lincolnshire Well Being Show are all part of the pleasure of building the Well Being Brand. All off us see the progress and the wonderful quality of the events. Quality Community, Quality Visitors and Quality venues combine to make the Well Being Shows so very special: The Quality Mind Body and Soul Experience.

Lincolnshire Well Being Show: LizianEvents Ltd

Have a Great Week:
Liz Clark
MD ~ LizianEvents Ltd

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