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I have enjoyed an excellent week at the LizianShop. And LizianEvents is singing at the moment. We have enjoyed unprecedented booking for 2023. The news here is we are over 60% complete for ALL next year’s events. Looking back at my previous spreadsheets, there is no time when this situation occurred less than a month after the dates were announced. What is incredible is the number of new people wishing to stand alongside established community members. I have every reason to expect full houses at all Well Being Brand events in 2023. And I also hope to see unprecedented attendance numbers at these shows.

I believe the Staffordshire Well Being Show will be a fantastic event. We already see the same pattern of online bookings for Stafford as we enjoyed at Lincoln. And the show looks like following the one, two, and three pattern when the third show is seen as the breakthrough point. As most of you know, I’m never one to speculate on this aspect of events. However, the pre-show bookings are telling an exciting story. The 2023 interest in this event looks like it will be the first to be fully booked in 2023. Good news indeed.

Staffordshire Show Ground: LizianEvents Ltd

I’ll take this opportunity to talk about the situation with LizianShop.

Many of you will know the future of Nottingham’s Victoria Market is in question. Ian and I both feel that closure is inevitable. And it will be a sad day when the shutters finally come down. We have hundreds of customers (as I’m sure Stewart Kerry would confirm), and they all ask the same question ‘What will you do if the market closes?’ Our answer is simple ‘We will set up a new shop!’ And why not? With nearly 20 years of trading and a substantial customer base, we’d be crazy to close.

Loving opportunities, we have decided that when the time comes, we’ll move to larger premises and change the dynamic of LizianShop. While increasing the crystal stock and esoteric goods on offer, I will also produce a line of Lizian ‘Hand Made Brand’ products complemented with an extensive inventory of high-quality silver jewellery. Customers will also see a significant change to the LizianShop experience. Customers will also be introduced to a contemporary design and branding, and an innovative online shop will run from the new premises. Ian and I cannot wait to introduce this new and rebranded LizianShop to our customers.

So, we WILL not be closing our doors in Nottingham. When the move is to be made, we’ll continue with the market and run the second shop within the city boundaries. For a time, they will work together, and when the market closes, the second shop will be up and running. Ian and I are enthusiastic about the new development.

Of course, this move will provide LizianEvents with a secure administration area. LizianShop has always been a solid promotional base for Well Being Brand Events. And the innovations you’ll see at the shop will help promote LizianEvents, Pure Spirit and Creativity Connected events and shows. We never shy away from apparent setbacks. Indeed we take advantage of hurdles when presented.

Don’t You Love It!

I’ve had a couple of people ask me about Well Being Show and our Mind Body and Soul by-line. When asked why there is a reference to others who use the Well Being Brand attachment and by-line, my answer is simple ‘Our branding has influenced so many people, and the branding works for us! Because when people see Well Being, they initially think LizianEvents! And the two words Well Being are synonymous with LizianEvents shows, there is no avoiding the certainty, mention Well Being Show and most people think LizianEvents ~ Don’t You Just Love It! I remember Eric Henderson (the fabulous Mansfield Show Organiser) saying to Ian some years ago, ‘When I realised what you’d done with the words, I saw it as a pure genius!’

Ok, they were my Sunday Thoughts. This week has seen over one-thousand people review the video stream articles, bookings for the shows are superb, and people identify our business with the two words! They hold messages of strength, security and identity.

See You Soon
Your Mind Body and Soul are keys to Well Being!

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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